बदलता मौसम,बदलते लोग! 

The air which was so cold in love an hour ago,❤

When I expected it to be COLD

Has lost its charm in a blink of an eye, you know!?

It turned to be DROUGHT

क्योकि बदलता मौसम है, मेरे दोस्त।

The people who were so close to me ,?

Who called me their best friend ,?

Neglect to recognize me today,??‍♀️

Because their best friend changes like weather unlike me ,☀????

For whom best friend means ‘My World!’?

क्योकि उनके शब्दकोश , हर रोज़ बदलते है ,मेरे दोस्त।

The people who told me you’re the reason of my smile,?

Are the ones due to whom I have to fake a smile today,?

And the reason for their smile changes like their mind,?

Which roams in 50 streets and 30 cities , having their own mini world of people like me!?

फिर कहते है वो ,’हम बदले नही, बदलता मौसम है मेरे दोस्त।’

The guy who understood me,??‍♂️

So much love … which evaporated under the sun

When I was unable to utter a word a year ago,?

Who looked in my eyes and told me that he can read it ,?

And so correctly he did,✅

That I kept finding the mistakes,?

Which he made me believed ,?

Was nothing but ‘ME’.??‍♀️

Because they are never there when you need them the most!

The most correct person in my brain,?

Turned out to be,✌?

The most incorrect for me!❌

क्योकि मौसम से जल्दी लोग बदलते है, मेरे दोस्त।

Most wise words,✍?

Change their meaning just like time changes,?

Then they give explanations,?

And the difference they tell you is ,’AM not PM’.⏱

They take a 180 ,?

He is a fool to fool you, and you are a fool because you know the fact and you’re still fooled!

And tell you that ‘fool’ is flower and not an ‘idiot’.?

क्योकि कुछ घंटो मे तो मौसम बदलता है,

ये तो बदलते मौसम की प्हली बारिश है, मेरे दोस्त।

Depending on people,?

Who change their colors every day.?

Trusting on friends,?

Who break trust the way I tear paper,✂

Relationship with boyfriend,?

Who flirts with every single girl every single day,??‍♀️

Love with parents,?

Forever is true only with them!

Who are the only constants?

Everything does change ,

Except the love FROM parents!❤

क्योकि दूसरे तो तुम्हे हर वक्त बदलने का कहेंगे,

परंतु केवल वो मौसम चुन्ना ,जो सतत रहे।

Nothing is Eternal , except the love you get from parents!

“बदलेगें लोग, पर तुम ना बदलना
बदलते मौसम मै खुदको ना बदल देना।”


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