A couple of months ago, I read the book ‘SIDDHARTHA’ by ‘HERMAN HESSE’ and the most interesting thing I learned from the book was that there are essentially only 3 pillars or characteristics that determine success. They respectively are:

  • Thinking
  • Waiting
  • Fasting

Let me explain why these are the 3 pillars of success.

In the book, ‘SIDDHARTHA’ who was on a journey of self-enlightenment, learned by failing regularly; how difficult it is to succeed, but while he continued his journey he realized that if a human thinks properly and always thinks before he acts he can easily find ways that are bound to make him successful. In fact: People who absent-mindedly work hard; without giving a thought to why they are doing whatever they are doing, are the people who always end up living an average life, while the people who think, learn and then work smart rather than working hard are the ones who end up living the most successful and fulfilling lives. ‘THINKING’ is all the more valuable in the present time where competition is increasing by leaps and bounds in every field, so if you don’t want to end up like most don’t do what most are doing and make it a habit to always think before you act.

As soon as ‘SIDDHARTHA’ realized the importance of ‘THINKING’, he started thinking but even after finding new and innovative ways and giving his best, success eluded him for a very long time and that’s when he realized that there is another pillar of success and it is ‘WAITING’. Waiting does not mean that you fold your hands, sit on your couch in front of a T.V. and wait for success to knock on your door. Waiting simply means: ‘Doing your best patiently and never giving up’.  You probably know that success is very hard to achieve and also that success has no user manual that states the amount of time for which you should put efforts in order to be successful, so if you don’t learn to patiently wait and believe in yourself then there will always be a possibility of you giving up. So, if you are confident that you are on the right path then keep going and persist until you are successful. It will be worth the wait.

Finally, when ‘SIDDHARTHA’ thought he had figured out the secrets to success, he started giving his all and patiently waited for success but then he realized that it is easier to say all this than to actually do it because at that time he didn’t even have the basic necessities like food and shelter to survive. It gets very hard to give your best when your stomach is hungry and your wallet is empty, right? After realizing this, ‘SIDDHARTHA’ added another pillar to the pillars of success and called it ‘FASTING’. Fasting simply means training your body to survive without worldly pleasures and comforts and if possible without basic amenities like water, food, and shelter. I am not suggesting you to give up your possessions and become a ‘Yogi‘. I am simply saying that don’t depend excessively on these things because you will most probably be alone on your journey towards success and there will definitely come a time at least once in your journey when you will find yourself beaten, when there will be no one who will support you and you might not even have enough to survive. So it is better to start preparing for those adverse circumstances so that you are ready to fight when they arrive.

I will be ending my post here and now. I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of this excerpt from the book ‘SIDDHARTHA’.  I highly recommend you to read this book at least once.

If you have any questions and queries please post them in the comments section below, also please let me know whether you liked my interpretation or not.

Until next time.



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