3 Ways to Make Money on Facebook using Advertisements

Facebook is definitely a great platform to interact and connect with people around the world. But what if I tell you that you can also earn money from Facebook account? Seems like an ideal way to make money, but it is true. People are earning thousands of dollars from Facebook and their earnings are only growing. You too can earn from Facebook.

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You must have seen Facebook ads right? Ever wondered how do these ads show up on your wall or who is behind these ads? These are the questions that are going to help you understand how to earn money from Facebook Ads. Yes, you can earn money by advertising on Facebook.

Now you may be wondering that advertising will take money out of your pocket not put it in. And you are right. But, you can literally earn by advertising and that is true.There are a lot of different ways that people, especially digital marketers know regarding how to earn money from Facebook ads. And among those, there are a variety of ways to earn money from Facebook ads but we are going to discuss top 3 ways which are widely used and encompass a lot of earning potential.

These ways are tried and tested to generate a decent income. You just need to learn the process of creating effective Facebook ads. And once you get the hang of that, you can too start making money with Facebook Ads.

So without wasting any more time, we should move on to the 3 ways to make money from Facebook advertisements:

Create Ads for other Businesses:

This is an effective approach to earn money from Facebook account. What you can do is create ads for businesses who are looking to promote their local business on Facebook. You can create ads depending on their need.

If they want their ad to be a way to acquire customers, you can select conversions as your marketing objective. Moreover, if they are looking to increase awareness of their business to people around their location, you can select “reach” as your marketing objective.

This way there will be a better chance for you to deliver what a business exactly wants. This is a great way for businesses to let people around their location know about them. For instance, there is an Italian restaurant in some area of Washington.

The owner of that restaurant can increase the awareness by putting an ad targeting the people within 5 miles from his restaurant. This way, people will get to know about his restaurant and he will have customers. On the other hand, you advertised his restaurant on Facebook so he will pay you for that.

This way you will make money. At the start, you may get less money, but once you get experience, you can charge hundreds and even thousands of dollars depending on your results and expertise.

Directly Sell Affiliate Products:

Another thing that is widely done with the advertisements on Facebook is the selling of Affiliate Products. If targeted correctly, the ad can make you a lot of money.

Basically, you create your affiliate account with Amazon or any other e-commerce store which offers affiliation.

Then you can sell products offered on those e-commerce websites as an affiliate marketer. And if anyone buys those products through your link, you will be given commission.

This is as simple as that. So once you have the affiliate link to a product, you need an audience to promote that product. And you will get that audience through Facebook advertising.

You will advertise your product with an affiliate link taking the clicker to that product’s page. You just need to target the audience which might be interested in the product. Once you successfully do that, you can earn a lot of money selling that product as an affiliate marketer. So this is also an effective approach of how to earn money from Facebook ads.

Promote Landing Pages:

Landing pages are unequivocally the best way to earn money from Facebook, why? Because you can earn through different ways with landing pages.

They have a lot of potentials to do conversions and they are customizable according to your need. You can easily make money by promoting landing pages if you have good Facebook advertising skills.

Because if you know how to advertise, you will not worry about how to promote your landing page. You will need to know what to do with a landing page and how to create effective landing pages.

Final Words:

The aforementioned ways of earning through Facebook advertisements are legit and many people use them to make a decent living.

You just need to make yourself expert in Facebook advertising to learn how to earn money from Facebook Ads



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