4  effective ways to choose a career 

                            You might be in a state where you have many options but, do not know what to choose and what is right for you. I myself have faced these situations and i have overcome these situations. If you are reading this fully, i am sure that you would get a solution for your career problem.  


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  1.  Sit down with a pen 

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                When you start thinking what you want as your career, i am sure that you have many options to your plate. So the first thing you need to do is to write down all the options in your mind which you think you need as your career option. 

               Now once you have finished writing all your options its time for you to narrow down to the best one amongst it. Know what all are your interest and start writing the positives and negatives for all the options you have written. 

               This makes it easy to understand and gives you a clear look about your options which have been in your mind pricking you for long. 

2. Consulting the right person

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         It is always better and right to consult any person regarding the field you want to choose because they will be knowing it better from the grass root level as they have been in it for many years. 

          This helps you to understand the field clearly and precisely from the experts and this helps you to make clear decision about your future. 

3. Know your strengths

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 The best way to know your strength is first asking yourself and second asking people around you.

 Asking people around you would help you a lot as they are seeing you from the start and know you from different perspectives.  You can ask your friend, family, mentors and so on. 

 This will help you understand about your strengths and weaknesses. 

4. Go for Interns

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 The last option i would suggest is that you going to internships. 

Why i suggest this is because you gain experience about what the work is and have enough knowledge, so that you can choose whether you want it or not. So try going to internships and have a clear idea of what you want. 

Hope you would have benefited from this and make sure whether this was helpful to you or not by commenting in the section below.



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