5 basic laws every Indian should know 

                  As we all now the Indian Constitution is the longest written constitution in the world. There is no possibility that every one could know about every law. There are few basic laws which everyone should be aware of. In this i will be highlighting you the 5 important laws which every Indian citizen should know.   

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1. Key snatch by police

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                  As per Section 129  of the motor vehicle Act it is important to wear helmet while driving two wheeler. And as per Section 128  there should not be more than two persons travelling in a two wheeler. 

                   And this law further says that no police constable or officer  has the right to snatch the key from the person even though he is a offender. The law does not give any right  to the police to snatch the key.

2.  Explosion of LPG can get you 40Lks        

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                      Do you know that when an explosion by LPG has caused you damage to property or life you can get a compensation around 40 lakhs by the Agency according to the Citizen Charter of Indian Oil Corporation. The ways you can claim compensation is explained here elaborately. 

3. Only female officers can arrest women


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                     No women shall be arrested by an male officer unless under certain circumstances where the permission is needed from the magistrate before doing so. And according to this law  a women may refuse to go under custody after 6pm and before 6am .  This is said under Section 46 of the criminal procedure code. 

4. Only once you can be fined

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                    For once you have been fined in a day for not wearing a helmet or so, you cannot  be fined once again in the same day by showing the challan that was given to you earlier. This has been explained in Section 115  of the Motor Vehicles Act. 

5. Jail for Public Display of Affection

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                      Under section 294 of the IPC  Public display of Affection is a criminal offence with a punishment up to 3 months or fine. They cannot be fined or arrested unless they indulge in any obscene activity disturbing others. But a simple hug or kiss cannot mean a criminal activity.

                 Hope now you would have known about these laws and do keep yourselves updated with the further basic laws you should know about in India. 



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