Entrepreneurs are a pretty eclectic bunch. Though not everybody has it in them to risk it all on an idea that can (for the least part) take them places and bestow financial independence, there are some common traits that all entrepreneurs share.

Entrepreneurs possess similar qualities that make them perfect candidates to tread where few others would. These character traits can be easily used to identify a potential or budding entrepreneur these days.

Let’s take a look at most general habits that will reveal if you are a big thing , or not!’



More than three-quarters of aspiring entrepreneurs exhibited high levels of innovative thinking, compared to just 47% of everyone else. “These creative thinkers found novel ways to accomplish everyday tasks, choosing to build a better mousetrap rather than taking a tried-and-true approach to problems.



So apparently entrepreneurs have a lot riding on realizing their goals. Being high-functioning individuals, what entrepreneurship doesn’t like a competition or two? Because after all, most entrepreneurs are there to prove their mettle to the world and that means that they have a burning desire to be at the top of Successville.



A Chameleon-Like Ability To Adapt

Sometimes, it’s the economy that gives way. Sometimes it’s the shift in customer tastes and perceptions. Times can be fickle for entrepreneurs but they do know that adaptability is a must to stay in the game. There are a lot of unknown variables in the form of business requirements and marketplace climate that an entrepreneur is bound to encounter when pitching an extremely radical idea. But that’s what made the iPad and the iPod before it possible. People can embrace change and entrepreneur’s adaptability is a prime reason behind this.


Iron-Clad Tenacity

Think they will wilt at the first sign of trouble? You guessed wrong. The average entrepreneur doesn’t call it quits and they have the persistence, drive and patience to explore their ideas until all avenues are exhausted. This makes entrepreneurs pretty thick-skinned and able to navigate through tough times.


What drives entrepreneurs forward? Turns out it’s the good old-fashioned curiosity to see their ideas through. The allure of riches isn’t the guiding reason behind many entrepreneurial ambitions. It’s their own curiosity that becomes an engine of innovation and success for them. They have it in themselves to ask hard questions and then to attempt solving those questions and problems that they may very well encounter. They are always thinking up solutions and strategies for their idea to become reality.


Entrepreneurs are an energetic bunch and their boundless energy means that they won’t stop at anything in order to achieve their goals. It is fair to say that the probability of people that are born to become entrepreneurs is more than those for whom entrepreneurship is an acquired taste. Only surveys can give us a good look into some of the most pertinent and visible traits that entrepreneurs share as part of an invisible collective


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