5 Psychological human being facts:-

I would like to share some commonly unheard or unaware facts about today’s generation. Becoming popular day by day in today’s “Technocratic Era”.

1. Enjoy Blaming others:-

For ex.two friends are talking for a girl as how she appears or how she looks and if you are present there then get out yourself from that company immediately. “By this you will only get negative thoughts and negativity don’t help anyone to get succeed in their lives”. For these kinds of people psychologist have given the term “toxic”.(meaning poison). Psychologist advice humans to get away from these types of people.

2. To compare oneself from others :-

In this world 90% of the people are suffering from comparison syndrome in this they compare themselves from others who are getting better results then what they are getting and they feel negative about themselves.

Parents are comparing their children from other children as their children are not getting good marks as compared to their fellow class mates. This gives an idea of depression to themselves as well as to the children. And children also start blaming their destiny considering themselves as a failure student. Psychologist Around The World suggest that don’t do comparison with anybody else as we all know the Almighty has given unique talent to each and everyone of us in this world and we only have to see within us to take it to new heights.

3. To depend on someone else to do your work:-

Psychologist say that for doing your personal work you don’t have to depend on any other self. You should do it by yourself as it gives personal satisfaction to you as well as gives you confidence to achieve whatever you have dreamed of. For example I have seen many girls/boys who are dependent on someone else to be happy they don’t search happiness within themselves. So if you take responsibility of every work you do you will be more satisfied then you used to be.

4. Regret:-

We have seen many people who regret about their past experiences due to which they get broken out and don’t know what to do in life.In other words, we can say that they are just off the track they don’t have any goal in their lives and spend the rest of the life regretting .

5. To blame others for your failure:-

For example, a student ll say for his failure that their teacher doesn’t teach them well so they get less marks in the examination. But it is not right, because every class has rankers and if every class have rankers then how can we say that teacher don’t teach well.

But friends I would like to tell you that when you come across negativity you will only get negative and nobody will give you that positiveness which you are seeking within yourself.


So,try to make yourself prepared for the race because the winner was also once a beginner.Which refuse to give up by his failures.


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