5 tips to help you build muscle mass


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For those people who may be having problems in bulking up at the gym, this article is focused on tips to help you increase your muscle weight gradually. These tips are however may be taken with precaution as such these does not apply to anyone under medications or going through any other treatment. Follow the following 5 tips to gain muscle weight.

1. Weight measurement regularly

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Measure your weight once per week. Meaning you should take measure of your weight only once per week. This is the only way to measure whether your bulking diet is working or not. Your goal here is to gain about half kilogram per week or 1.5 kilo per month. That is roughly our body’s natural limit for building muscle. If you’re gaining weight a lot faster than that, then you’re just gaining fat and if you’re not gaining weight at that rate then you’re probably not going to be bulking up or building any muscle at all. The reason for measurement of weight once per week here is because if you weigh yourself more frequently than that then you’re just going to get thrown off and confused by your day-to-day fluctuations in water weight (humans are 70% water). Make sure when you do weigh yourself that it’s the first thing in the morning after you use the bathroom but before you eat anything because that’s when you’re closest to your true weight.

2. Eating done right

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It is the one rule and basically what this means is that you want to be sure to eat a meal within one to two hours before and one to two hours after your workout. Eat both times, soon before and soon after your workout, if you want to be absolutely certain you’re doing everything in your power to bulk up fast. But do not eat immediately before your workout because that could upset your stomach and also you don’t need to eat right after you’ve finished your last set because a lot of studies have confirmed there’s not that big of a difference eating immediately post-workout or waiting an hour or so. But, one thing is for certain you want to make sure that your meal contains a mixture of protein and carbs because both of these things have been shown to have potential muscle boosting benefits.

3. Calorie-fi-cation

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Focus on calories. You have to realize that at the end of the day the number one most important thing about your diet is that you’re eating the right amount of calories every day to maintain a slow steady weight gain. But if you’re not eating the right amount of calories then, it does not matter how much protein you’re eating or when you’re eating before or after your workouts. You won’t see any progress. Once when you’ve taken care of your calories you should worry about your protein. However, this doesn’t mean eating everything in sight, calorie sources must be healthy foods.


4. Key supplements

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Your main focus should be staying consistent with your overall calories but there are a few proven supplements that can help you out. The first one is creatine and taking five grams of creatine every day has been shown to help increase strength and muscle mass. When you’re getting creatine try going with the basic creatine monohydrate. Don’t waste your money on something that’s like a designer creatine which may be more expensive.

5. Pre-workout

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If you take one that has the proven dosages of beta alanine, citrulline malate and caffeine, it is actually been proven to help you perform more reps and increase your muscular endurance in the gym which is also going to help you build more muscle and third and final element will be The Protein Powder. There’s nothing magical about protein powder, it’s just a more convenient way to fit protein into your diet. Usually 2 scoops a day are fine


You need to figure out some basic meals for you and then you need to stick to that, it makes shopping for groceries easier, it makes your whole gym connected life easier. You don’t need variety if you want to successfully bulk up you just need a simple plan that’s easy to stick to.


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