5 – ways to identify whether she likes you. 97 % guaranteed

Hi there ! I have two theories A) when it comes to this either a man are completely dumb ,and can’t see the blatant signs in their face that she’s telling us that she likes us .

B) women are mysterious and obscure creatures that , like to play a whole lot of mind games . I mean one minute you think that she’s all over you and then the next, she’s giving you the cold shoulder what that was sick mind game is this so it pursuits to try to help you guys out here are five surefire signs that if you catch her doing these you have a ninety seven percent chance that she likes you .


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This was a no brainer , and this is something that almost all humans subconsciously do when they’re nervous , and they want to look better or impress

somebody that they’re with .

And what I mean by spontaneous grooming and sometimes I even catch myself doing and I’m sure you’ve probably done it .

yourself is for example you start running your hand through your hair trying to adjust it make sure it looks perfect , you start playing with your hair or maybe you’ll catch your adjusting .

your outfit a little bit or maybe she’ll sit up straight or maybe you’ll catch ,your adjusting yourself with her face camera on her phone , all these little micro grooming adjustment if you catch her doing that around you or as you’r talking to her chances are she likes you .

2. Less personal space :

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Honestly if you catch you’re doing this it’s time for you to make your move and what I mean , by that is again you see humans as creatures we like our personal space our personal bubble it makes us feel safe and comfortable .

Just see I , mean just think about it when you’re in an elevator how awkward that tension feels that’s why humans like their

personal space .

But when you feel a connection with somebody it’s kind of like you , let your guard down you let your barrier down and you have this need to be closer to them so if you catch hen tnching closer and closer to you as you’re talking or dialoguing dude she’s into you .

3. She text’s first :

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Moving on to sign number three this is if she texts you first so paying close attention and how she interacts with you ,through technology whether it be social media or messaging is very important . so if this girl likes you she’s gonna respond quickly , she won’t take hours to respond she’s also not going to be sending you dry one word at like hey or fine.

How about you if she’s sending you one worded text with a period at the end it might be a good idea to take a step back, because she might not be that into you.

But the ultimate sign that she’s completely into you is if she’s the one initiating conversation if she’s the one tacking you first or trying to reach out , first this means that you’re constantly on her mind and she’s definitely into you.

4. Body language :

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Honestly this could be a video in and of itself because , there’s so many little things that she can be doing with her body that are screaming to you and , telling you that she likes you, but you might not even notice it because , you’re so nervous and caught up in the moment but ,play close attention to those common details .

For example or her arms crossed when she’s talking to you that might not be a good sign and she’s standing sideways towards you , when she’s talking to you or she opened up and facing you making a lot of eye contact this is a good sign , that she’s into you if she’s facing you and opening up to you also notice the amount of eye contact.

she’s making if she keeps looking away as if she’s uninterested chances are she’s uninterested notice that she’s leaning back or leaning towards you to try to get closer again that’s a huge difference so really pay a close attention to those little things because , you can learn a lot and know if she’s attracted by you all right here we go

5. Touch barrier :

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Final touch down the ultimate one if she does this you better make your move or honestly you’re going to it and this one is the touch barrier because , you see when women are really into you and then do this as well they will have this urge to touch you to be closer to you again refer to my first tip they want to be as close to you as possible so notice if she makes an attempt to touch you it could be something as subtle as a tap in the shoulder because , you said a bad joke or she squeezes your arm where maybe she accidentally touches your hand or she bumps into you.

All these little things couldn’t mean that she’s into you now do be a little bit careful if it isn’t accidental bump and you’ve never talked to this chick before and she’s never even seen you don’t go out and ask her out.

Just because ,of this tip this is not an end-all be-all but if all the previous tips happen and then this happens chances are she really likes you and wants to get to know more of you .so that’s it for me in today.

I hope you enjoyed it , if you did -below really helps us out . That’s it , see you next time .


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