6 best legs workout for more gains

Leave those workouts that only trains your 2-3 muscle groups. You’ll have to start out each exercise in the lower rep ranges, then finish most of them with 35-rep burnout. Therefore legs are the most important and highlighted part of your lower body. These muscles are the largest muscles of your body which help in the increased growth of testosterone, hormones, glutes, and thighs.

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Therefore stronger muscles of your legs will help you in increasing the strength of your upper body lifts and muscular development. Therefore deadlifts and squats help you in strengthening your lower back and your legs. It is to remember that core strength supports the body movement in almost every movement or in every exercise.

1. Squats

The squats are the best exercise for the lower body as it should be a part of everyone’s routine. They effectively work on the butt, thighs, and the glutes. Especially the body joints are stretched while performing the squats.

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2. Leg Press

The leg press is beneficial and is similar to squats but is done while sitting. Therefore it increases the squats weight capacity to lift. It mainly targets and stabilizes your quads and glutes. It is considered one of the important exercises which every gym lover never miss it. Also, it increases your inner strength and weightlifting capacity. 

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3. Leg Extension

The leg extension is an isolation exercise which mainly targets your quadriceps or the muscle in front of your thighs. It is beneficial for knee joints. Therefore it is performed on a padded seat and you have to lift the padded bar with your legs, as it plays an important role in shaping up your quads.

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4. Lunges

Lunges are one of the most effective exercises of your lower body. It basically boosts your hips muscle flexibility, glutes, quads and your hamstrings. Thus it improves your overall body balance, stabilizes your core strength and rests with the spine. Also, it strengthens your muscular imbalances between your legs.

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5. Leg Curl

The leg curl is the exercise which works directly on the hamstring muscles. It is also called the hamstring developer and helps in knee flexion, it stabilizes your knee joints and prevents joint injury. Therefore it helps in the development of the posterior muscles of the legs.

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6. Calf Raise

The standing calf raise can be performed anywhere, as it is the stretching of the calf muscle which improves your balance and ankle stability. Therefore there are two muscles in the calf –  gastrocnemius and soleus muscles, in which the strength of both the muscles are improved. It can be done with or without a dumbbell.

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Therefore if you want gains in your legs especially in your quads and hams then you must follow the above workout. The workout should be done in 1 hour with 3 sets of each exercise with reps 12, 10, and 8.


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