6 reasons you lose motivation to work on your Startup!

Does this ever happen to you?

You started something with great enthusiasm, but later on, you get demotivated, frustrated and eventually quit. Loss of motivation is almost criminal to your startup. Your startup may even cease to exist with no one to work on it.

In this post, I will discuss the reasons that make you want to give up and lose hope while on your startup while it is still in its inceptive years.

1) You surround yourself with negative people


Do you want to be successful?

Do you want your startup to be a great success?

Then, the one thing you must ensure is to keep yourself away from negative people.

Negative people will discourage you and they will try to drag you down. They will suck the energy out of you and ensure you feel bad about your every move.

As Robert Tew once said, “Don’t let negative and toxic people rent space in your head. Raise the rent and kick them out.”

I personally don’t know about you, but one thing I know is that life is too short and I don’t want to waste it around negative, crabby, grumpy or grouchy people. No matter how good a situation is, a negative person is capable of ruining it. They have a miserable life. They work, eat, sleep and repeat. They have no aim, objective or purpose in life. That’s why, if you are planning to start a venture of your own, stay away from pessimistic and negative people.

A wise man once said, “The little difference is an attitude; the big difference is whether it is negative or positive.”

2) Unnecessary doubt and fear

Most of the people fear the unknown. They keep on freaking out about anything and everything. They contemplate and overthink everything. While starting a business multiple doubts about finances, success, profit, and viability have the potential to completely ruin your plan. Doubts and fears are second nature to man, but it is essential to keep it in check. In a research, it was found that 80% of the fears are just myth and they don’t matter in the real world.

I am reminded of a story of Muniba Mazari. She once said, “I have so many fears in my life”. One fine day she decided to overcome all her fear and make her life an example for others. Then she started writing her fears on a piece of paper and she found that 90% of those fears actually don’t matter.

The people who don’t about the story of Muniba Mazari can watch her full story here.

3) Having unrealistic expectations


So many people start their company with unrealistic expectations. For example, people think becoming a millionaire is a piece of cake. I myself suffer from this problem. I have high hopes while starting something and expect too much when things don’t go my way, I get frustrated and annoyed. Unrealistic expectations are a major reason for disappointment.

Unrealistic expectations bring about frustration. Be it sex, purchase, business, investing, startup or a job, unrealistic expectations are a recipe for disaster.

4) Impatience

People are so impatient these days. They want quick results. Take a minute to digest the fact that “good things come to those who wait”. It takes one hour to build an alto and 3 months to build an Audi R8. If a man and woman consummate their relationship, they can’t expect a baby in just 3 months. Many people get impatient when they start a business, want quick results and most of them seize to get what they want. They eventually lose hope and give up on their dreams.

5) You have copied someone else’s idea or goal

Many youngsters get attracted to new venture ideas, app creations, and business models and replicate them. But, may not find the desired success rate. Find out what you are passionate about money doesn’t matter in long-term.

6) You start losing faith in your idea

Your mind keeps you motivated only when it believes that you are capable of reaching your goal. Many people lose hope when they don’t find any result after working on their startup for a long period of time. Alibaba didn’t earn a single penny for 3 years after it was launched. Google was in debt and they had an expense of $2,50,000 per month and they didn’t earn a single dollar till 4 years. Amazon was loss-making till 2005. So, don’t lose faith keep on working and one day at a time and you will find a way. If for any reason your mind believes that you won’t make it, then it will prevent you from getting motivated. Your energy is drained while stressing over irrelevant issues and motivation is key while starting a business.



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