7 proven tips for bigger arms


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For most of the persons with bigger arms, they are directly linked to your special genetics. Another person may have nice pair of abs, every muscle development in gym is usually linked with your genetics. However, even if nice arms are not written into your DNA, you can still optimise what is.

For getting bigger arms, you don’t need to perform endless sets of curls, hammering away at one exercise doesn’t mean you will get giant arms, you need to understand that you have to work the full spectrum of muscle fibers throughout your arm in multiple ways.

7 Tips to help you increase your arms size:

1. Bulk up

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Don’t sculpt what you don’t have, it won’t even show. At initial stages avoid isolation moves. Instead, focus on bulking up all over, try doing more compound moves like the deadlift and pull up, because once you have the mass then you can think about sculpting it. For article on helping you to bulk up, click here : 5 tips to help you build muscle mass

2. Stretching

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Stretch a muscle before you start contracting it, like as happens during an incline curl where your arms are behind you. You will maximise the stress on muscle and will increase its ability to produce force. More power to you! Soon with more power you will be able to life more and grow faster. Best example of this include- The Incline Bench Dumbbell Curl.

3. Increasing Volume of Training

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Muscle protein synthesis is rebooted every 48 to 72 hours, which means you will need to work a muscle two to three times a week to achieve optimal growth. This includes both biceps as well as Triceps.

4. Negatives

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Instead of simply lifting weights from point A to point B, resist them. If you are rushing your reps then you maybe in for a disappointment, most of the guys at gym train their arms too heavy where the weight control them. Keep the set between 40 to 60 seconds for the optimal time under tension for stimulating hypertrophy .This is also known as negatives, ensure that you are taking time in lowering the weight, the second thing is you need to concentrate on the pause at the bottom of the life, third is slowly to lift it up (don’t jerk it up), fourth is to again pause at the top of the movement.

5. Getting the pump

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While training arms, main focus should be on getting the maximum pump through sensible weight selection. If the weights are too heavy, you will spend all your energy on creating momentum and if it’s too light then there won’t be sufficient tension on muscle, trying to curl a really heavy dumbbell by swinging it, is the fastest route to elbow problems. Select a manageable weight to work with.

6. Including Supersets

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This includes a set of biceps followed immediately by a triceps set or do a superset on the same muscle Supersets save time! Along-with training muscles that are opposing each other. Try to experiment with back to back upper body and lower body exercises. When you start doing supersets, you may find that your endurance may be a problem as you shift from exercise to exercise, but these will have a noticeable effect on your arms along-with focusing on getting an intense pump.

7. Till failure

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Learn to fail for bigger success. This refers to training till the point at which you are not able to perform even a single rep, this leads to greater muscle mass gains. It happens because the fatigue causes more motor units to be recruited. Do a biceps curl drop set with three sets of dumbbells: Do 8-12 reps with the heaviest pair, then drop the weight and go a little light and again life till failure, then drop again and lift the lightest pair up and again drop till failure.


Don’t forget you have triceps. It’s common for people to focus on the muscle they can only see in the mirror and curl all day neglecting the bicep’s three neighbours: the triceps (Brachi lateral, Medius and Longus). Generally triceps take up more than half of your arm circumference and affect every pressing movement (via elbow extension). So pay just as much attention, if not more, to your triceps when training your arms. Diet and lifestyle play a role in results. It would be remiss of me not to mention this. You can do the best arm workouts in history but if you don’t get this right, then your newly sculpted muscles can be sitting under layers of fat getting no love. If you want veins like road maps, put down the cheesecake.

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