7 rules to win in life

Life is a complicated game filled with moving pieces, changing environments, new rules and unfortunately, it doesn’t comes with a rulebook. So I have researched and found out common traits and patterns shared by hundreds of people who we believe are winning in life. This list consists of rules followed by innovators like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, artists like Pablo Picasso to champions like Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan and monks like Jay Shetty who dedicate their lives to finding inner peace.


Here is the list of 7 things you need in order to win in life:


1. Have a vision in life


2. Compare yourself to only yourself


3. Set big and clear goals


4. Know yourself and what do you want in your life


5. Get out of your comfort zone


6. Be grateful for what you have


7. Read at least one book a month


Follow these 7 rules in order to win in life.



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