“A love “

I hope you find a love that give you strength to love yourself . a love that not only heals you but allow you to help heal others . A love that doesn’t question you and break down every uncertainty you had about yourself . A love that teaches you that you are worth loving and you should never think otherwise . I hope you find a love that guides you as you walk towards your dream and break down every barrier that you must face. I hope you find a love that makes you stronger ,wiser and kinder . A love that brings you down to build up you in way you never imagined . A love that guides you, become the light, the reason for which you shine but doesn’t break you if it leaves . A love that believes in you , a love that shelter you and make you feel free. I hope you find a lover how is your best friend, your companion your equal in every way . A lover who would never leave you , but if he did you would still be ok because he will be the kind of lover who will teach you that you are not incomplete without him. A lover that makes you feel whole but doesn’t make you weak . A lover that cherishes your soul not your body . A lover as kind as the wind, as soft as feather and as bright as sunlight. I hope you find a love with this lover and I hope that one day he find you to. 


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