HINDI MEDIUM as our mother tounge..

HINDI MEDIUM is a medium of education which is been preferred in a maximum number of schools in India. As there is a trend in India that we differ the qualities, abilities and once potential on the basis of his/her medium or we say background.

We all are Indians and we know that Hindi is our mother language still while knowing every since facts about it we are losing its essence in today’s scenario.

Generally, what people think that English medium is something which is been used in today’s competitive environment yes, that’s true I also believe that. But it doesn’t mean that we just avoid our mother language too. As in various sectors of the economy, we used English to express every matter of facts. According to which we become used to for the English language since childhood.


In India, there are two types of a parent, one who is very desperate for their children.

And then another who are lifelong to their children to do something new and initiative which help them to develop their own Aroma of life.

What our parent think about us, is always best for us. Yup, that’s true because they also want their child to be more successful and achieve great heights in life.

But mostly in India the medium of education also stands in front of them as a big hurdle which enables to differentiate the qualities and inner potential from one student to another.



1. In India, only 17% of students are from the English background and the remaining 83% of students are from Hindi background. This is one of the most prominent fact which shows the importance and excellence of the INDIAN EDUCATION SYSTEM.

2. Not only that we have heard about many IAS officers and many RAS officers which belong from different states of the country are from HINDI MEDIUM BACKGROUND.

3. Many IITs like Delhi, Bombay, Madras and many more have promoted the language of Hindi in their institutes to reduce the gap between the students on the basis of their medium of education.



What we exactly know about government schools is nothing. Let me give you an overview, they are careless, hopeless and worthless.

They don’t even care about anything that they have to do in schools. Not even serious about studies at all. Every teacher is least interested to try to focus on studies of children.

There are many crucial facts about these schools like,

1. Teachers are brilliant but no one is interested to take the pain of studies. As at the end of every month, the government is going to pay them the handsome amount.

2. In schools, they are busy with their deep conversation, like what to wear at the friends wedding, how to look more sexy and hot in family functions. BLLA, BLLA, BLLA


These are the schools who have value for the education system. Not having the competition similar to those English medium schools but they do not even lose the essence of their of mother language.

1. Hindi medium private schools face lots of hurdles, like government pressure on every activity, parents are very obsessive in regular fees to schools.

2. Also, they have to work hard to make students competitive and advance their lifelong goals.


We are have heard about a very popular movie known as HINDI MEDIUM casting Irrfan Khan and saba Kumar. The movie has some deep spiritual message which shows that what parents can do for the admission of their child to one of the big schools of Delhi. but due to some unfortunate reason, they won’t be able to do so. at the end of the movie, we have seen the beautiful daughter of their parent got admission in one of the HINDI MEDIUM SCHOOL which makes her happy and joy. After lots of struggles and ups and downs in their life, they get satisfied when they saw the happiness on their child’s face. 


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