Amazing Health benefits of Red Pepper!!

In order to live a healthy lifestyle and feel energized during the day, it is important that our diet consists of nutritious foods, such as vegetables, fruits and other unprocessed choices. Keep this red pepper handy in your spice rack to not only improve the taste of your meals but to keep you healthy, too. Here are some reasons on why should you increase the consumption of red pepper.

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Red peppers are an incredibly healthy vegetable that offer tremendous health benefits for our bodies and provide us with important nutrition. Even more, they are actually quite sweet tasting and can be easily added to your diet. Here are some amazing health benefits of eating red peppers regularly.

Boost your immunity and stay healthy:

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First, red peppers are packed with immune boosting vitamin C. In fact, red varieties contain more vitamin C than other types of bell peppers. In just a 100 gram serving of this vegetable, you get over 200% of the daily recommended value of this important vitamin. This vitamin C works as a powerful antioxidant, can help the skin look young and radiant and can even help with the absorption of other vitamins and minerals, such as iron. 

Secondly, Red peppers aren’t just an excellent source of vitamin C, but they also contain many different antioxidants. This includes Vitamin A, Vitamin C, lycopene and other phytonutrients, making red peppers and incredible antioxidant powerhouse. Red Peppers have some of highest concentrations of Lycopene, which as been shown to reduce the risk of various diseases. These antioxidants can also help to eliminate inflammation and reduce damage caused by oxidative stress. 

Day or Night, Improve your sight:

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Eating red pepper regularly can help to maintain and support the health of our eyes.There are great source of eye healthy vitamin A and other antioxidants. As well, red pepper contains important enzymes such as lutein, which works to protect the eyes from certain eye disorders like Cataracts and macular degeneration as we get older.

Red Pepper, The Hottest new Secret for Weight Loss:

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Red peppers are the only food source of the natural metabolism boosting nutrient-Capsaicin. This impressive nutrient temporarily increases the calories your body burns after you ingest it. in addition to this, the hot and spicy nature of red peppers raises your body’s internal temperature which results in your body using up extra calories to regulate this temperature increase. Therefore, by eating red peppers daily, you can increase the total calories your body burns on a daily basis and accelerate your fat loss efforts. If you are a fan of hot and spicy foods, you can eat them raw for a tongue tingling snack.

Magical Hair Growth Using Red Pepper:

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Capsaicin in Red pepper helps to stimulate hair growth. The capsaicin activates blood circulation in the hair follicles, which ensures better nutrition for the hair follicles and stimulates better growth. It is a great kitchen ingredient to activate dormant hair follicles, and this helps give your hair an enviable shine and thickness.

You will need…

1 tbsp. of Apple Cider Vinegar and 

1 drop of Red pepper extract. 

Combine the two ingredients in a bowl. Use your fingertips to rub the mixture into your scalp. Gently massage as you do so. Let this mixture on your hair for an hour or so and then rinse it out with the plenty of water. You can repeat this up to twice a week.



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