Ambition (Busy Shaping Ideas )!

“When you crave for something irrationally, but with virtue, the whole universe conspires to blend it for you.”

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Rethink.

I’m sure in no time your mind will jump to the actual version of the inspiring lines by Sharukh Khan. These lines continue to inspire me now and then and help me bind my ambition when things go wrong.

We don’t control what physical characteristics we are born with, but we choose how enthusiastic we are willing to be. And trust me, the development of the required qualities is something that takes place by itself.

You are lucky if you find something you love to do. Your ambition is a great fire. It is the first requirement for all achievements. We have to set an intention to make an action, and that intention is nothing more than an ambition.


First, ask yourself a couple of questions:-

-What is it that for which I am ambitious?
-What is it that I want to accomplish?

You have to be hungry to change your life. Without spice and ambition in your life, you cannot do anything impossible.

A lot of people narrow their visions or ambitions because of the difficulties and weaknesses of today but they don’t realize that they are born limitless, and they could become what they want.

Don’t limit your vision and ambition in life. Have an aim in life. Never work for someone else’s ambition rather find your ambition.


Now ask yourself these three questions:-

-What do you want to do?
-Who you want to become?
-What do you want to contribute?

Have a clear vision of what you want, and you will achieve it. You can do extraordinary things in your life, but first, you have to be ambitious about them.

Your ambitions should be so high that when everyone else is sleeping your ambitions don’t let you sleep. When everyone is partying, you must be working. It takes dedication to follow your ambitions. You have to follow your ambitions continuously in order to make them a reality.

Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.

Bill Bradley



It’s possible for you to make your dreams come true. Believe on what you want to create, and you will create it. You are the one who can make it happen. Keep on running towards your ambitions. You are the one who is going to make it happen. Your dream is possible.

In the game of life if we are in search of adventures, following our passion is the best path. I agree that failures and circumstances are considerable path locks, but every phase is a learning experience. So, chasing our ambition can be nothing but pure enjoyment even if we fail. We should be asking ourselves, why not us? Are we born just to watch, watch others like spectators? We get to choose wisely because if we choose nothing, we will get nothing. Ambition lets us dream and dreams don’t let us sleep and reminds us of the desires that we keep in our heart.





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