Animals too have ‘LIFE’

Earth is for everyone, There is one mammal name human who became selfish and owned this world illegally and made animals as there servant and became king. God made each and everyone equal soo why humans made it partial.

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There are many reasons how animals are being mistreated.

Destroying there places

Make cloth of there skins

Eating there food

Making them homeless

Controlling them

Making Mean of transport

For entertainment purpose

Animals too have heart we all are part of earth but we humans made our earth our kingdom and animals as our servants. Animals have no brain as compared to humans but they have big heart and they love more than there soul, what humans do make use of it and than they throw it or kill them for there commercial purpose. Many species are extinct like dodo, western rhinoceros, passenger pigeons. Endangered species like tiger, giant panda, snow leopard because of humans only and still the population of humans are rising up. Humans do whatever they want they can hunt, they can make use of it, they can eat and what animals do nothing. There is one festival in China that is Yulin festival (dog’s meat festival) where people kill dogs and eat there meat Roast there meat. They burn the alive dog. It’s an 10 day event festival where people kill and roast there meat around 10-20 millions dogs are killed for human consumption. It is inaugurated on 21 june 2009. It seems how much humans can be down towards life, the contrasting view is that in nepal, dogs being praised because of their loyalty,

In recent times, got the news that leopards are killing humans, that’s because people are making home and cutting down there home(forest) and making there houses and then for there starvation humans kill small animals because of this big animals like leopard come from the forest for starvation and than eat humans. That’s what karma says what will you do, you will get the same response.

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In short, love animals more than your soul they can be the best friends of humans and just think we didn’t create animals, God made them they are also a part of earth and we are also a part of earth god also made us animals and we both are equal so be kind towards animals because they too have life.  


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