Many might tell you that you should not judge others based on how they look. But sometimes you get judged on how you appear. Wait, both may sound one and the same in the meaning. Yet it is to be noted that looks are inborn and what you get by birth and “APPEAR” is something how you are able to present yourself. Imagine yourself if you have good features but you dress up shabbily, people may give you a weird look. Sometimes we unknowingly admire few people for their dressing sense and personality inspite of how they look. Presenting yourself in a tidy manner greatly promotes you and your thoughts and also the opinions of people about you naturally gets a high impression.

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There is a famous saying “DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER”. It is true that people are more talented and their looks doesn’t have anything to do with their skills. Yet the world is ready to weigh you only through your appearance rather than taking to know your entire story. Since one’s childhood, it becomes a myth that if a person looks good and impressive, he might be successful. If a person looks not so pretty , he might end up unsuccessful. Even the beauty products advertisements portray that fair and pretty people achieve something in life; they promote their products by showing how an unsuccessful ugly looking person uses their product and becomes good looking and successful. It is easy to say “DON’T BE AN EYE CANDY;BE A SOUL FOOD”. But the world is ready to make the pretty looking and purse full people popular.

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Have you ever come across the meme in social media comparing the two pictures of the same celebrity with these two quotes “you are not ugly; you are just poor”, and “if you don’t love me at my failure; you don’t deserve me after my success”? Even those memes are just posted for our entertainment purpose or just to show how those celebrities used to look, it is to be noted that everyone are not born successful.

 It all depends on how we choose to exhibit ourselves. Many may think ugly appearance and shabby look don’t attract people around you. Yes you are right. But it is not that your appearance cannot be changed. A neat dress and a modest appearance can attract people and give a good impression upon you. Personality is all about how you choose to groom yourself rather than your looks. So it is always possible to create a positive personality with your good attitude and way of dressing.

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Confidence and dressing goes hand in hand. We unknowingly feel very pleasant if we feel that we had dressed well that day. And sometimes if we had not dressed ourselves well, we ignore meeting new people, posing pictures and so on. A good dressing sense can very well improve the confidence level, since it makes us to feel good about our personality and develops the courage to focus on appropriate things. Make up and other such self grooming is never a show off thing, since they give you self confidence and also it shows others of how much you love yourself. The way you dress and the time you spend on developing yourself including your looks can measure the love which you have for YOURSELF.

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Dreams and dressing are one and the same. When you are dreaming about yourself, you see yourself in a good position and a good dress too. Then why don’t you start chasing your dream and turn them into reality by just dressing yourself to gain the confidence both from your part and from others? When you are able to present yourself well, you will gain the impression that you have some stuff in your head and you could perform something worthy Never bother about how you look and on the same never be ignorant in making yourself look very pretty. That is one of the best way to pursue your dreams.

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Some people think that over dressing and wearing gold and diamonds are going to drag people around them. Even though it is partially true, people always are not fond of richness. Hence it is advisable to wear what you like and what suits you, but in a well presentable manner. Despite your skin tones, heights, sizes and so on, it is better to be very choosy in assigning a particular style for you and following that. Be very selective in choosing dress Colors as too bright colours may make people give you a disgusting glance and too full colours may make you look dull. People are always ready to talk behind you of what you do. Better give them a topic to gossip of how well you dress and make them wonder how well you are able to present yourself.

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Let people comment that you are showing off and a make up addict and whatever. But remember guys , LIFE IS A RUNWAY, it’s you who gonna rock it. Have some attitude and that becomes your personality. Have some style and that becomes your character. Create some impressions and that inspires Let your costume become your confidence!


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