Moving like robots ,do you actually think you are living ? Have you ever seen people walking while they are sleeping this is called sleepwalking disorder and what i think is 75% of the world’s population is suffering from this very disease.

Because when people are sleepwalking , they are not in their senses but simply walking around and doing chores and so does the above 75% of population , so my fellers , what do you think you are doing with your life ? Are you really living or merely existing ?

No one really knows how they are going to die and what will happen next and still that fear of death keeps us awake at 3 a.m. in night to make us do things that we actually don’t want to do ,do you know what you should actually fear about? YOU SHOULD FEAR ABOUT THE UN-LIVED LIFE that will cause you more harm and fear than death which is actually peaceful .

Every time you do something that you don’t want to do , your mind makes a prison around your body and your soul is trapped inside it doing things which causes happiness to everyone other than you, Can you make someone happy when you yourself are not happy ?


Back to those days when we used to be kids we all remember asking our fathers to take us out for a trip and each time we use to get the same old answer” wait until you get a good job” , At the age of 25 when we finally get our jobs we start thinking about our dream trips and think that tomorrow shall be it, tomorrow i’ll go out, tomorrow i’ll have the money and tomorrow i’ll have some time from work but that tomorrow never comes , we work and work and work for jobs that we don’t enjoy until we are 60 and then when are bodies can no more hustle, we retire and while sitting on a rocking chair we think that what actually made us happy ,what was it that i did ,what memories do i have , and according to shakespeare when we ambit the last stage of our life we realise that we never actually lived we just did nothing that would remind us of the moments when ” everything was still, when everything was slow, when you freezed your tomorrow to live your today, when we were able to love ourselves, when we were able to hear our heartbeat , when we thought of nothing neither our past nor future we just enjoyed our present , the day when we lived not just existed”.

Get an answer for yourself to the question that what makes you happy ? And just do it , do it today.

Sieze the day my friend… and live your life to its fullest without any conditions , without any promises, without any hopes, take your decision, stand forward for the consequences of your decision and don’t regret for it later , do things that make you happy , live for yourself so that when you look back you can see only moments flowing like a molten sapphire with deep blue silence which will contain only you , your heartbeat , your breathe , your deepness , your loneliness , you and only you.


Live your life until there is no time left for you to look back and crave for the time that is not yours anymore.

Don’t dream about living, live your life because you only live once , live until you fade yourself away into the darkness of this world


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  1. Akshat

    Very true.. While running after diamonds we’re just missing the stones which can float over the water.. Nice blog dear!

    Maybe I’ll pen down the things again for my bucket list which would be excluding of debit card.. ??