Are you also purchasing poison? 

Let us first understand what is poison .  poisons are any substances that cause disturbances in organisms, (in the human body ) usually by chemical reaction or any other activity on the molecular scale, when an organism absorbs a sufficient quantity. So do you think poision is harmful for you and me ? Obviously it is . no one wants to kill himself/ herself but do you even know that we are consuming poision everyday, many a times a day . Sometimes we know that  this is not good for us but still we ignore the fact and risk our lives and not just ours but our loved ones too. Now i know you really want to know which poision i am talking about so i am talking about everything that we are consuming these days actually we are surrounded with poison . Whatever we are eating , bathing with , our cosmetics , our fragrances, and almost everything these days have a lot of  chemicals in them and not just simple chemicals. Some chemicals can really destroy our bodies keep aside everything why we are PURCHASING POISION?? Why we are paying for it ? Why we are killing ourselves daily.  We are giving Money for poision we are INVESTING IN DEATH AND diseases.  Its our body and  we are responsible for its functioning. Any product which is attractive  (food products) and we think that it is good for our health eg. Cornflakes etc. But it is not . Many of us love chocolates and colourful candies but do you even know what these candies are made up off and what about the colour?  Yes these are so colourful because of chemicals and according to researchers Titanium Oxide is a common ingredient used in making of chocolates There is no good  reason for chemicals to be present in our food but the truth is that they are and we are consuming it. We are not sure what packaged  food contains. Though we know there are preservative in packed good but we still choose to buy them what are we doing? PURCHASING POISON the sad reality is that our favourites like pizza,  burger, ice these contain just fats though fats are also required but not in a large amount.  Our not so favourites like vegetables are prepared by using pesticides and insecticides . These days it’s difficult to say that we will eat something pure and healthy  . Our body is baring a lot of chemicals and shampoos,  conditioners are another way we are filling our bodies with these toxic substances. Our favourite beauty products, cosmetics contains wild variety of toxic substances that will just make us look good from outside but it will kill us from indide .So the list is really endless from our eating to breathing,  washing to bathing we are all surrounded by chemicals so what we can do??? If you really care for your body start exercising and not in an air conditioning gym but in the pure air in the morning with nature. you can go to the  gym but your day should start by worshiping your body in the arms of nature . I know we all are very busy in our work but why we are doing work ? To earn Money?  And what you will do with that money if you are risking your life ? Its worthless . First start caring for yourself . Start using organic methods , do some hard work to earn the real wealth of life a healthy life . Reduce the consumption of refined sugar it can cause cancer . I know we cannot give up cosmetics but the natural beauty is the key ingredient that attracts people glow your skin by drinking alot of water atleast 15-20  glasses a day for drastic results start eating home made butter and start consuming milk of a cow and not packed one. Give up soft drinks as they are extremely dangerous for our system they do not contain sugar but a chemical which is 200 times sweater than our sugar . Start using natural face packs and hair packs their  conditioning is not temporary . So choice is yours live a active and healthy life or a lazy and stressful life . You can win over disease if you try to complete with laziness. 


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  1. Anusha Joshi

    Beautifully written, easily understandable, perfect use of perfect words in the right place, very clear in language and whatever is written is pretty true. Very good. Keep it up. Keep writing more one day you will actually be in a hall of fame known for inspiring and teaching many people with your writings.??? God Bless!