Are you book smart or life smart?

It’s quite often that one must have heard from their parents about the relationship between good grades and good wages.


Being smart defines to know how to use one’s creative resourcefulness and steadfast determination to tackle a problem. If the student focuses only on getting good grades without learning more about the larger world around him or her, and without exploring how best to use his or her academic learning pursuits to solve real world problems and challenges, at best, he or she will end up as “book-smart” not as “life smart.”

Poor grades do not mean that you are “not smart” and for similar reasons having a high IQ does not mean that you are “smart”.


They have developed a vicious circle where the moral of the story ends up that there is a positive reward for every work you do within a certain system. Children therefore side their dreams and opt for usual professions such as doctor, lawyer, engineers etc. not because they love it but because it’s a paid job.

Remember you don’t need good grades to be successful there are plenty of people who didn’t do well at school are now incredibly successful. To start with Mark Zuckerberg and Bill gates are one of the most popular personalities to support this argument.

But also the world has other few personalities which are not very much known but yet are doing very well in life

  1. Left school at the age of 16. 
  2. Had his interest in business and therefore he started a magazine called “Student”. 
  3. He became a millionaire and currently in Virginia his company group owns over 200 companies in 30 countries across the globe.

  1. Most popular TV journalist in UK. 
  2. He wasn’t good in academics either. 
  3. He got a C in English. 
  4. In one of his interviews he advised students to play with their strengths and to do what they badly want to do.

  1. Arguably one of the most famous directors in the world. 
  2. He was an amateur filmmaker as a child. 
  3. He tried seeking admission into University of Southern California School of Theater Film and Television, but was rejected three times. 
  4. Yet this did not stop him from achieving a massive worldwide success.

Visit your bank; they will never ask for your grades, they’ll just be interested in your transaction.


Busting the myth, there are many people who were good with grades but are still struggling with money and on the other part there are people who were just not interested in grades and pursued a field with their interest in it and excelled in it to earn millions and billions.

One of the harsh realities of schools is that they train people to look for their jobs. What really is needed is the financial education. Basic principles of financial education can save you a lot of time and trouble and can make you rich a lot quicker.

What you really need to learn is to have a distinction than others. For e.g., if you can distinguish a car from a truck that is nice but what would be excellent is when you are able to distinguish a 1987 Ford Laser from a 1990 Ford Laser. Such type of distinction is required to go a step ahead than others, when one is able to understand things with finer details.

Just like in English language we have two sides of a coin, where neither is right or wrong the same is the case with finance, where some words have different meanings. A lot of people buy assets that are liabilities, in general things which cost them more money. For e.g., Owning a car costs money every month.

Rich people instead buy assets, which generates more money for them rather than creating liabilities, they have the ability to define with distinction the difference between an asset and a liability that makes them financially intelligent.

The people who make money are not gifted. You just need to learn to play the game because good grades are not associated with being smart.

Remember for becoming rich you don’t need good grades but rather an Idea and Framework for whatever you want to do


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