Are you controlled or controlling ? 

Lets talk about all those people who control us first . It can be anyone who is bossy . Who controls you , forces you to do things,  and its possible that you may not understand that you are being controlled by someone 

Sometimes  we try to force our rules on our younger generation.  As parents also people don’t understand that are they doing this out of love or they are thinking themselves to be the God of their child . They have given birth they are no less than anygod  . but who is God lets remind ourselves.  God never controls you. He just watches you and his unlimite lessons is what you give you get it back . Some people who think themselves stronger and the creater of anything also their kids and reminds them again and again that they are your well wishers,  your only Well wishers. Sometimes it becomes ego and arrogance. But it’s our job to follow them right ? Actually not only parents many people suppress us thinking us to be weak . 

I know you say in your mind that you’re not weak … then don’t you have enough guts to speak on people’s face ? Even if you are sacred that they will slap you say it to make it clear.  That you aren’t burdened because they oblige you by giving birth or by giving  you a job . If You will not struggle to get free then you don’t have to think about your freedom.  Don’t think about your dream and passion if you are not brave enough to ask for it . Many people are successful because they broke the barriers in their life which were the hindrance in the way of their passion  …. 1st your individuality is extremely important . Who are you???? At this age can you say proudly that yes I am …………….. 

Your description starts from your name ? No your surname…. then your father  …. then family ….. then school or institution …..

Are we seriously living a controlled life ? Where we are not free to challenge ourselves ? We are not free to take our own decisions?  Of course parents are our Well wishers they ALWYS guide us . They compare between the good and bad . But at some age if you’re not allowed to walk talk and do things according to them you’ll be punished this is called controlling not parenting.  I am not a parent but I am a child who questions this . Thank fully my parents don’t control me but I still feel scared to become independent.  Coz since our birth we were standing behind our mother’s pallu.  So from where you’ll gain your confidence . I totally understand our parent’s concern.  But don’t you think that if they gave us birth as their child we also gave them birth as parents.  

Please don’t misunderstood me I am not discouraging or saying every parent is like this nooooo.. there are few who are like this and it’s not their fault it’s the way their parents have treated them or because they are over possessive.  But they have to be reminded that you are an individual who has to live his/her own life at some point of time 

Because you are a source of power . And you have the capability to inspire anyone , and you have the power to change the world.  And controlling a source of power is not good for humanity. If you are being controlled.  Understand it and do not suppress anyone in your future.  

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I hope you will not misunderstood this article.  And i hope you all will understand  


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