A nation’s bestselling author was once invited to a book convention where he was supposed to be honored for his contribution along with his other contemporaries. The author reached the destination on the decided day and time and was eagerly waiting for the ceremony to start.

The ceremony started and the host welcomed all the guests. The interesting thing was that the host too was a successful book author of his time but was struggling to make a living in the present.

All the authors were honored one by one and were asked to sign a copy of their bestselling books and put them on a table. Every author came, signed a copy of their books and placed them on top of the books that were kept on the table by the other authors.

The bestselling author was also called on the stage, he was honored and he too signed a copy of his bestselling book and kept his book on top of the others just like every other author had previously done.

To everyone’s surprise, as soon as the author took his seat, the host picked up his book, glared at the author and said, “What do you think you are doing, putting this crap on top of all the other great works?” After that, he put the author’s book at the bottom of the pile, beneath the other books. All the people present in the room were shocked at the offense and were looking at the bestselling author waiting for an angry response.

But the author rose calmly from his chair went to the stage and pulled his book from the bottom and as soon as he did that, the whole pile of books came crashing down and fell on the ground, then he took a microphone, looked at the host and said, “Thank you very much sir, I am so happy that you think so highly of my book that you made my book the base on which all the other books stand upon. As I just now demonstrated, if my book is not there, the others cannot even stand their ground.”

The host was extremely ashamed of what he did and everyone else in the room rose from their seats and started clapping for the author, amazed by his positive attitude and optimism.



We all face negative situations in our life. Someone may say something bad about you or may ridicule your hard work but how you react to the negative situations is your choice to make. Don’t waste your energy by reacting negatively to a negative situation; rather turn a negative situation into a positive one using your positivity.

Always remember, No event in this world, has the power to make you happy or unhappy. Your happiness is your own choice. Yesterday is dead and tomorrow is not promised. You only have this one day, so learn to be happy in it.




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