Tips on how to get rid of laziness and be active


We all like to lay down in our comfortable bed or anywhere for that matter and relax, I mean who wants to work hard. You may be surprised to read this, but even the winners don’t want to work hard, but the winners are winners because they avoid these kind of temptations everyday. 

Lazy people only get what is left for them by hard working people.

“Choosing between the desire of your heart and mind can be the most difficult battle, but if you are strong enough to win this battle, then you will not lose any other in your life.”



Always remember, you don’t get what you wish for, you only get what you work for. So, set a goal that makes you jump out of your bed in the morning. Have that goal in front of your eyes and remember,

“Success is not easy, and it is certainly not for the lazy.”



Our generation’s greatest enemy is: ‘LAZINESS’:-

Many of our readers have sent us a mail asking us to write on, ‘How to overcome laziness?’

Our ‘TEAM MOTIVATIONPEDIA’ also conducted a survey in which we found that laziness is the most common problem faced by today’s generation and the most severe as well.

survey of laziness

So, in this article, I am providing you some very practical and efficient tips which you will help you overcome your laziness.


TIP #1

Get others to hold you accountable:

laziness motivationpediaYou are lazy because there is no one to hold you accountable for when you are skipping some important work. When you are held accountable by someone else for doing some work, then you have to get that stuff done. For example: if you are unable to grow your business or can’t start a new business because of laziness, then find a business partner, then you will not be able to make an excuse or get lazy because you know you are accountable to your partner.


TIP #2

Find a strong ‘WHY’

laziness motivationpedia

Whenever you feel tired doing a particular work or while working on your goals, just take a 5-minute break to remember why you started doing that work in the first place. Think of the future benefits that you will receive by doing that work, and you will get more energy to do that work. If you have a strong ‘WHY’ for doing a particular work, then you will never get tired of doing that work.


TIP #3

Set alarms:

laziness motivationpedia

Set alarms in your phone and name the alarm on the thing that you want to achieve in your life. For example, if you want to build a muscular body and want to wake up early in the morning so that you can go to the gym then you can set up an alarm and name it, ‘Muscular Body.’ If you use this tip, then whenever your alarm rings you will get reminded of your goal, and you will feel more energetic. You can download The Rock Clock App. This innovative app will motivate you to go for your goals in a pretty unique way.

Download the Rock Clock App

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TIP #4

Use energizers:

laziness motivationpedia

Whenever you feel that there is an overload of work and you feel tired then use energizers which would provide you with extra strength. Some great energizers are music, meditation, books. You can do many things such as listen to good music or take a deep breath or you can take a 5 minutes’ walk. You can also clap for 5 minutes as it will boost up blood circulation in your body and brain. You can read your favorite comic books or other books for that matter which relax your mind.


TIP #5

Eat healthy and nutritious food:

laziness motivationpediaMost of the people feel tired and low most of the times because of a lack of energy in their body, and a lack of necessary nutrients in the body is the cause of a lack of energy. To supply a good dose of nutrients, you must ensure that you don’t eat junk and oily foods. Your food choices affect your health. Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. To stay more energetic and avoid laziness eat healthy food.

Here is a list of world’s healthiest foods


TIP #6

Exercise daily:

laziness motivationpedia

Exercising daily will help you a lot. It fills your body and mind with energy and makes you feel better. Exercise and physical activities like running, stretching, yoga delivers oxygen and other essential nutrients to your tissues and help your body and brain work more efficiently. And when your body and brain will work more efficiently, you will have more energy for the whole day.

Here is a list of exercises that you can do to become fit and healthy.


Now you have learned the tips and methods which will help you in getting rid of laziness. Now, it’s up to you to follow them daily and avoid laziness and be more productive.

Watch this video for some extra motivation:

In my next article, I will provide you some tips which will help you break your habits which are the root cause of your laziness and cultivate healthy habits which will increase your productivity and efficiency and remove laziness completely from your life.



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