BBQ Ride India 

World’s First and Only Barbeque Bike Company Founded By Mr. Arun Varma & Mr. Krishna Varma

Start-up journey 

  • Founded in October 2016 by brothers Mr. Arun Varma (23) and Mr. Krishna Varma (22) with a seed capital of Rs 10 lakh
  • 1St Bike went live in Bangalore on 11-Oct-2016
  • The brothers want to take their model all over India, as they have been getting franchisee inquiries from as far as Pathankot, Gurgaon, and Visakhapatnam, and investment calls even from Dubai, London, Sydney, and Qatar.
  • In 5 months they took ownership of 19 bikes and currently running 32 bikes around India.
  • Each new 350 cc Bullet and its fabrication costs close to Rs 3.5 lakh to 5 lakh.
  • Bikes used: 500 cc and 350 cc Royal Enfield.

Target: is to fabricate 150 such new Bullet motorcycles in the next six months.

Ten minutes to start

Once parked, the chef can get the grill going in ten minutes. All he has to do is open the sidecar top and presto – a grill comes into view. The chef reaches into the front of the sidecar for charcoal, which he spreads evenly on the grill to barbeque mouth-watering dishes. A counter, too, opens out to help serve customers.

Once fanned, he reaches into the back of the sidecar for the chef’s weapons – assorted skewers, knives and kitchen instruments to grill the meat and veggies on offer. In case it rains, the chef stands prepared; he reaches into the sidecar to pull out a garden umbrella.

Some interesting facts

  • All the motorcycles are customized from scratch by the Varma brothers.
  • A franchise of BBQ Ride India costs Rs. 7 Lakhs.
  • Every franchise owner gets a brand new customized Bullet bike for operations.
  • Customization of the bike takes just 3 weeks of time.
  • Once a franchise is requested and the deposit is paid the Bullet is issued from the showroom within 24 hours.
  • All the Bullets are labeled in series so as to keep an easy track on them.
  • Mr.Arun Varma performs surprise visits to the locations and any Franchise owner who is not living up to the standards expected by him are terminated without prior notice.
  • Only the sauces and spices are delivered by the central store(on order) chicken and seafood are purchased by the Franchise owners to ensure fresh ingredients.

  • They also cater to the bike for weddings, parties etc.

  • Were an integral part of the Royal Enfield Show in Goa and gained credits from the CEO of Royal Enfield.
  • Since the Varma brothers have a passion for flying, they use the returns from the business to learn flying.
  • Mr. Krishna Varma is currently pursuing his pilot training from the Canadian Pilot Training School and will be joined by Mr. Arun in early 2019.
  • “Invested 3 lakhs in a food truck at the age of 21. the idea was a flop but I did not give up and today I’m successful. Every Entrepreneur must be ready to face challenges to taste success”


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