Be You. 

Sometimes life is so unreal. Like it seems fake the very time. We take it seriously like its gonna be all about spending good times and having best of friends hanging out and many more things whatever we do we think like its the happiest days we are living without any guilt or problems.

But at that phase it stabs you back. Very badly. It’s marks will stays forever. Like that. It gives us the real meaning of life. It’s never about having happy times without a pinch of bad days.

At that time we came to realize that no one is real. No one has the same one face like you have. It seems you are the only one stabbing back hurting back but what’s the matter in it. It will never give those people a hint or make them realize their mistake. It will only make the condition more worst.

So at last most important is be yourself. Love yourself. Believe yourself. Trust yourself. Because no one gonna be with you till the end. You are the only one to conquer the world. To face all the hurdles of life has given you. And thank god for giving these hurdles to make us more strong and powerful to face worst situations.

Give those people a big thanks because they are the only ones who have changed you. We seriously laugh on them because they think it will broke us. Destroy us but they forgot they had only had made you strong and strong. They are the ones who make us believe that GIVING is not good when you get only BETRAY in return.


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