Be yourself! 

When someone is telling you you’re this, or you’re that; stand up to tell and tell them what you know you are. Tell yourself every day. Remind yourself when you wake up that you are a beautiful person despite your imperfections.

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Take a compliment when it’s given. Love yourself when you can. People spend so much of their time hating themselves and pointing out every flaw with negativity in mind but what they should be doing is embracing everything that makes them different. They should be embracing that they are not like everyone else on this planet because if they were, where would the beauty be? Our world would be this dark, dreary, boring place where everyone looks exactly the same, where everyone thinks the same thoughts, where everyone loves and hates the same things, and more. We have thoughts, opinions, beliefs, lifestyles; everything that turns us into an individual and we should embrace these things and turn them into positive things. It’s good to have an argument with someone about something you’re passionate about because it shows intelligence. It shows a care for things around or even just a hint of recognition. Embracing yourself includes embracing your flaws, your imperfections, your sexuality, your music taste, your past, your talents, everything about you that you and others believe is everything but good. It’s time to teach kids, teenagers, adults, everyone, that you CAN love yourself. Our society tells us that loving yourself is not okay and that you shouldn’t do it. That you have so much to change about yourself before you or anyone can love you. That’s not true. Love yourself when you’re young and you lose your first tooth. Love yourself when you’re a teenager and you think you look great without make-up or name brands. Love yourself when you’re an adult and you arrived late to a meeting. Love yourself when you’re old and you can’t remember your own name somedays. Focus on being you, no matter what anyone else says or even what you may think on bad days. Those bad days, they go away. When your actions toward yourself on those bad days is negative, it might not go away for a long time. See the positives in yourself every day, even when it’s harder some days than others.

Not only is being kind to yourself good for your career, it’s good for your relationships too, she adds. “The more you build self-love, the more you have to give to others.” 

1. Commit to doing one nice thing for yourself every day.
Keeping that commitment will bring real benefits, “It motivates you to take better care of yourself, go after your dreams, and not let people treat you poorly.”

2. Listen to yourself.
That is, listen to how you talk to yourself, and the internal tone of voice you use. “We often criticize ourselves in our own heads and that brings down our confidence,” Schwartz says. “When you love yourself, you know you’re good enough that you have to stop talking to yourself in negative terms.”

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3. Forgive yourself.
“Forgiveness is a big part of it,” Schwartz says. “It’s hard, because most of us have been getting angry at ourselves for all the things we do wrong all our lives. People get into trouble because they try so hard to be perfect and then they beat themselves up when they’re not. start this exercise to start forgiving yourself:”Look in the mirror and say, ‘I love you and I forgive you.’”

4. Accept yourself as you are right now.
For starters, that means accepting the body that you have today. “When you love yourself, you try to be the best person you can be in the body that you have, and that’s as much as you can”.

5. Eliminate toxic people in your life and workplace.
This may be easier said than done, but avoid tying yourself to clients, business partners, investors, or employees who make you unhappy. It’s obviously harder to take the same approach with family members, but there’s no reason to put up with people saying or doing things that are unkind. “If people say mean things to me, I let them know if they talk to me like that I’m going to walk away or hang up the phone,” she says.

6. Prioritize your health.
But be careful–don’t let caring for your health turn into a reason to beat yourself up if you slip.

7. Stop skipping meals.
“People say, ‘I’ve been so busy I had no time to eat today,’” “That’s a very unloving thing to do. Grab something, even if it’s just a salad.”

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8. Breathe!

Don’t forget that when you’re feeling stressed, overworked, or upset, simple breathing exercises can up your happiness quotient dramatically, Schwartz says. “If you do some deep breathing during the day, you can calm yourself down and not let stress get to you or make you sad.

9. Get some sunlight.
“A lot of people work in dark spaces. That’s very unhealthy and unloving,” Try to work in a place where you have access to natural light, she advises. If that’s not possible, invest in full-spectrum light bulbs. Either way, make sure to get outside for a walk as often as you can.

10.Buy premium products for yourself.
Does this sound like you? If you’re bringing a bag of coffee to someone else, you pick out a luxury brand in a nice package, but if you’re buying it for yourself, you pick the store brand or another inexpensive option. That’s fine if you’re one of these people to whom all coffees taste alike. But if you prefer the more expensive brand, you should go for it,

“Very often we spend money on others but we’re cheap with ourselves,” she says. “The better brand is only a few dollars extra, and every time you use it you’re reinforcing to yourself that you’re worth more.

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