The serious situation of a person in the world, especially from India is to be born in a middle class family. The standard of living in India is classified into the 3 major categories: high class, middle class and low class based on their level of income. The pathetic kind of living is faced both by the middle class and low class people especially the middle class people have to strive hard for surviving. They have to sometimes sacrifice the things they have in order to get the basic necessities of life. Only the rich people enjoy a luxurious life, whereas the middle class people struggle to satisfy their basic necessities each day.

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Good food, good clothing and good education are the basic needs for human life. The high class people are able to get the best food, best clothing and best education, whereas the middle class people are struggling to get better food, better clothing and better education. Even the house they live are not owned by themselves by the middle class people and they have to undergo so many troubles to complete a day. Only if they could earn a better salary, they can plan for getting a better thing. Budgeting life is the criteria for a middle class living. They have to plan for spending each amount of the money they earn and only through savings they can get any thing they wish to have in their life. This is really a stressful kind of proceeding a life.

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A doctor’s son gains a doctor seat even if he hasn’t secured the enough amount if percentage whereas a COMMONER’S son who has got the right percentage is left unrecognized. A middle class student cannot dream of going to higher studies, but he is ought to think only about his/her family situation and then decide. Once a person had born in a middle class, he is forced to be in middle class till he dies. He can’t dream if going to abroad, or owning a car or even dream of making his children study in an international school. The middle class people even have to have a limit on their dreams. They can see other people enjoying but they can’t enjoy or have what others have and till the end he has to have a control on what he thinks.


Only a middle class person knows the art of CONTROLLING their EMOTIONS. They know the technique of how one should satisfy themselves with what they have. Only they know very well of how to run a life. Whatever situations they go through, they develop the steering face it with courage, since most of their situations had taught them of how to bare pain in their heart and smile outside. They know how to live with a meagre amount happily. They have to suppress theirs desires all the time to live a peaceful life with what they have.

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Even though a middle class person has a very good talent, he cannot go further since he has to spend money at times. This is the major risk of being in a middle class family. He has to face a lot of failures in everything he does and sometimes the glory to his work doesn’t come to him, and is overtaken by someone else who has money. The money DISCRIMINATION is the biggest loop hole in our society which makes living a suffering for most of the people. This makes it difficult for a person with dream and talent to get disappointed.

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The better way to keep you comfortable is to pacify yourself with what you have. DON’T compare yourself with others and feel down. Feel proud that you are able to sacrifice many things when others cannot. Don’t give up your dreams and keep Pershing it in one or the other form. It is not that you are born for suffering but you are born for sacrificing . All who are rich are not going to die rich and all who are poor are not going to die poor. Everyone has their own day. You are the only one who knows the real meaning if life through the pain you undergo. Let your sacrifice be the medicine for your pain. Don’t put yourself down. Try learning new things everyday. Accept what you have. It’s not a fate but it’s your faith.

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It is all about your own satisfaction. So stay positive and never blame YOURSELF. It’s okay if you don’t posses money, you posses the great heart to accept things as it is.


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