Being True to One’s Word

Being true to one’s word means acting according to what one says. A good person never breaks his word nor makes promises that he does not intend to fulfill. He is faithful to whatever he says.

A faithful person has respect for others. He is usually truthful and sincere in whatever he does. Loyalty in a person shows that he is well brought up. He is respected and regarded well by people.

Being untrue to our word breaks the trust others have in us. It can hurt people, especially our friends. We would be cheating ourselves and others and we could lose even our best friends.

Once upon a time there was a king. People loved him for his kindness. They considered him a good and loving king.

One day the king decided to extend his kingdom by conquering some of the neighboring territories. He called the people to his court and told them of his plan. He asked them for their help. He promised to reward them with land in the new territories or with money, if they succeeded. The king needed men for battle. The people agreed to help the king fight the battle.

The battle was fought and won by them. As the king was about to distribute the rewards, his queen stopped him saying, Your highness, why should you lose so much of your wealth? They cannot force you to give anything to them.” The king did as his queen told him. The people felt betrayed.

After a few years, the neighboring king decided to win back the territories he had once lost. He built up his army and was ready for the battle. He declared war and attacked with all his forces. The king had no choice but to turn to his people again. He made the same promise. The people agreed to join him in the battle, but only out of fear.

When the battle began, the people retreated without putting any resistance. They lost the battle and the territories were gone. The king was upset and asked the people why they had not put up a fight. One of them answered, “It was because we were not sure whether you would keep your promise.”

This is what happens when one does not keep one’s word.

It is not always easy to keep one’s word. It takes courage, patience, determination and sometimes, sacrifices to remain loyal.

Arun and Kiran were great friends in a village in Himachal Pradesh. Everyone in the school knew about their friendship and admired them for the way they loved each other and helped each other always.

There was one big difference between Arun and Kiran. Arun belong to a very rich family whereas Kiran was from a poor family. Both the boys wanted to study medicine and become doctors. Arun made a promise to Kiran that no matter what happened, he would make sure that Kiran could complete his studies.

Arun was admitted into a college in Uttar Pradesh whereas Kiran, unfortunately, was allotted a seat in Tamil Nadu. Arun promised to send him a sum of money every month. Kiran promised to study hard and to avoid coming home for holidays during the entire period of four years to minimize expenses.

Unfortunately, during the very first year of medical college, Arun’s father fell seriously ill. They had no medical insurance. The family spent all their savings and then began selling their property piece by piece while they took the father to various hospitals all over India.

By the second year the family could not afford any more to give money to Arun to send to Kiran. Arun wrote to Kiran about his father’s illness, but never told him that they had now become poor. He made a promise and he was determined to keep it. Every day, after his classes in the medical college, while his companions rested or studied, he would go out and do whatever work he could find, sometimes even as a coolie. He saved every rupee he earned and never failed to send the required amount to Kiran. He did this faithfully, month after month, for nearly three years.

It is not always easy to be true to our word. If we are able to do it we can consider ourselves great and noble. We will always be respected by people.



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