Best fruits to eat during Summers

As summers are approaching we keep on searching what to do or what to avoid during this season but have you clear your thoughts on what fruits to eat in this scorching warm months.

Fruits plays a very important role so you should be clear on what type of fruits you should consume typically in these months to keep yourself fit and hydrated.


Just read the 1st word once again! As it known as the hydration king because it contains water in large amounts and contains fluid which you exactly need when heat is on.

• Watermelon also contains lycopene, which protects our skin cells from sun damage!


Tomatoes are essential for Summer season as they contains antioxidants, Vitamin C and lycopene which helps us to get rid of chronic diseases mainly like cancer.


It is a juicy citrus fruit which is especially meant for summers as it contains potassium. As studies shows eating oranges helps you to keep muscle cramps away. Oranges nearly contains 80% of water which prevents you from getting dehydrate.


It is a well nutrition and protien packed food item which has always proved to be beneficial to beat the heat. It also contains sufficient doses of Probacteria which keeps your digestive system healthy and improves digestion.


These berries are rich source of fiber. Only demerit of these fruits are they get little expensive in off-season. But they are also filled with great qualities within them like Vitamin C and one cup of berries almost contains 8 grams of fibre.


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