Best question you should ask yourself daily

Life is a journey, we learn new things, make mistakes and forget, and break some of our new year resolutions. We set goals and make plans so that we can improve the quality of our life and performance. But have you ever thought how much you have progressed or what change you see in your life? In business, we have auditors to check business transaction daily, similarly, we need “auditors” in our life that can assess our life daily and we are the best auditors of our own life

Here are six questions which one should oneself before going to bed.

1) Did I give my best today?

Daily ask yourself did I give my best today to whatever I have done. If the answer is no then to find out the reason, why you couldn’t give your best efforts. Write down all the reasons that stopped you from doing the best and promise to yourself that this will not happen again.

2) Do I work on my health?

Health is a precious gift; many people sacrifice it for the material things such as wealth, cars, marks and other things. Remember that you can get back what you have lost in life but you cannot get back your health. Just think you have sacrificed your health for top grades in class and hard work so that you can have all the luxury in the world. After 20 years you will realize that you just worked hard to have a private ICU room in the most expensive hospital!.  Ask yourself does your wealth really matter when you are lying on a bed and eating medicine as your food. So do something today for your health so that your future self may thank you.

3) Did I work on my goals?

Many people set goals, some set average or some set big goals. Before going to bed ask yourself did you achieve all the goals you had set previous night. If not then what are the reasons? was it laziness or the goals are not clear whatever the reason, just write it down. Remember that same mistake should not repeat again.

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                                                 “ people are not lazy they just have goals that don’t inspire them”

                                                                                                   – Tonny Robins

4) What to stop or what to start?

You should ask yourself, is there anything that I need to stop or start doing, to secure a more meaning full life. If you are smoking then you need to stop smoking, if you make excuses then stop making excuses. if you want to be fit then start exercise or if you are taking a lift to go upwards instead of the stairs then you should stop taking a lift and start using the stairs.

5) What did I learn new today?

Life is all about learning. Try to learn new things every day. You can read a book or learn a new language or attend a seminar or a course which will increase your knowledge. Each day learn something new so that you can increase your knowledge.

6) Am I better than yesterday?

You are progressing in life; if you are a little better than you were yesterday that is a plus point. Do not waste time into jealousy, complaining of others or watching stupid reality shows on Tv. Just do something productive today so that you can become a little better than yesterday.


My advice is that you should make a diary and maintain it. Write down your questions and answer them daily. Slowly you will see the change you aspire for!


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