Black Earth

Earth seems black from here,

From here, all the spotted souls are hidden in the divine unity of blackness.

There is some white we cannot see

Some light we cannot plea

The moon of the night and light house of the sea.

Black is the only area for men

Truth is only a small glean

Wraith has followed me up here and there is gusto to conquer.

This world is one. This world is black.

Stones go hard with each crack.

And so the humans stabbed from back.

The hard white coat was all that it retained

For as long I was there,

To crack black souls.

I was in a hunt, as for where,

Were those faces behind the mask?

The second face of the coin,

The tears behind the smile.

And in that hunt, I found myself as a stone

Under the sand.

But the water will again be pure in its feel

The trees will no longer release toxins

They will only release white to heal.

The unity will break and so will the stones.

I had my death-walk; the turn is yours, black.

Here I am with a white brush,

To paint the black earth white.


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