The other day Aditi said “This just isn’t made for your body type.”

I replied “Are you trying to body shame me?”

She said “This isn’t body shaming, IS IT?

Noun- The definition of body shaming is the practice of making critical,potentially humiliating comments about a person’s body size overweight.

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We’ve all suffered body shaming you and i both and there’s no shame in accepting that because it isn’t our fault that we were body shamed,it’s the society.Body shaming isn’t actually a gender based social issue as it is done to both men and women.Body shaming has its roots in the society so deep that it begins from our very childhood.For instance,relatives and many a times even parents body shame their children saying ‘They’re too fat and need to stop eating all day or they’re too skinny. That they are round nicknaming them “GOLU”. But none of them realize the ways in which they’re affecting their children. If we come to it from their very childhood children are categorized into various body types and made feel the need to change.

As we live in a society where we’ve fixed an hour glass body type as the ideal one,all those who do not fit in this category are either outcasted or are bullied. Though body shaming is more common amongst teenagers and to such an extent that the final conclusion they reach out to is Suicide. According to a survey by P. Schwartz M.D. Professor emeritus of Pediatrics noted in a recent study,77.1% of obese and 54.2% of overweight adolescents were at a greater risk of Adolescent Suicidal Idealization.

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Moreover,they’re living in a society where there are only a countable number of plus size actors and models because of the over-praising of ‘The Hour-Glass body type’ and so in a society like this how can we expect our children to not go for the same size.

 Also,as every coin has two sides Body Shaming has it too as everyone reading this isn’t a Victim,they might even be the Culprits.Let us accept the fact that we’ve all body shamed someone one time or the other,no matter they’re our friends,relatives,someone we saw at a wedding or a party,we’ve all done it.

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We’re so much into Outer Beauty and so extremely attentioned towards the perfect body that we have completely discarded the fact that what matters the most is ‘The beauty of one’s soul.’ but now its high time we realize that no matter what body shape or type we are we’re all flawed in one way or another, And so all that matters is we love ourselves,no matter how the society treats u.

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Here i would like to quote Gabourey  Sidibe – “It doesn’t have anything to do with how the world perceives you. What matters is what you see. Your body is your temple ,it’s your home.”


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  1. Anonymous

    Just stumbled upon this beautifully written and thought-provoking article. With top notch media advertising “appear slimmer instantly”, “lighter skin tone” products, the impact on teenagers could lead to severe cases. #sochbadlo

  2. Charvi Gupta

    A well thought concern pen down beautifully expressing the sensivity of the issue.
    Keep it up and keep knocking the consciousness.