Everyone In the world would have faced failure and felt broken. We all face dozens of problems every day, but we didn’t exactly face the same problem’s what other face. To be honest we all search for a single reason all day that makes us feel broken heart by leaving hundreds and thousands of reasons to feel successful.




This is the main reason for being broken.


The main problem in us people are we see the failure as the huge disaster in our way to success, but actually the failure is a new finding that how it shouldn’t be done. Even sometimes even the failure may help you to find something new (example: sometime when you planned to prepare a tasty biryani but ended with an unknown dish that tastes too good)

Not all cannot be a successful person at the first time itself. Even many people whom we see successful today didn’t achieve great success in their first attempt itself.

Let’s take the Great Scientist THOMOS ALVA EDISON, he is the one who has 2,332 Patents worldwide for his inventions. Today he is a celebrated as the most successful inventor because he took his failures very light and he took it as the path to his success. In fact, the first fame for Edison is because of his accidental invention Phonograph.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”


Nowadays people easily give up on their dreams due to some failure without even knowing how close they are to the success. The failures are actually the diversion boards to guide us o the to the correct path to success. The failure helps one to analyse himself the current level and helps him to overcome his own drawbacks the next time.

                          “Never give up on your dream”

Being broken heart because of the failure is of no use. So, stop being broken after the failures let the failure make us more and more stronger to attain more success in our life. Take your failure as the motivation and inspiration because it’s the only thing which is going to make you the better person tomorrow.

No one can be a Master in a single day, it requires your time, determination, self-confidence and the proper vision towards your goal.

“Failure is not the end point on your way to success, its just a sign board that shows you the correct path to success”


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  1. Sathish Kumar

    Semma motivation macha….I m really motivated… Yeah failure is not a end….it’s give perfect path to lead our life macha…. Otherwise failure helps to find out who really support us…It gives pakka self confidence macha…Make the person more powerful…u want to write lot of topics like tis macha…Try to write a topic of SELF CONFIDENCE every person need tis topic macha…Wish you all success macha…