CA is not your life its the part of your life

To becoming CA may be very important for you but don’t make it your life. When you think that becoming CA is  only thing that you want to achieve than you collect the extra burden for your life. When you stop thinking about this you released much of your tensions.

If you think that if you will nothing if you didn’t achieve your goal of becoming CA then you need to search for successful  businessmen stories. I heard & read many successful businessmen stories even they are not studies till 12th. So you just need to consider the whole thing before going into depression.

Failure is the part of CA exam & also the part of success. Because when you failed you just learn something new that you didn’t know before. Failure is a way to success.  For more details please refer to the below link:

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When you will study the stories of successful Chartered Accountant than you will realize that failure matters a little but knowledge matters huge . I already wrote a article on the above this. Please visit the below article for detail:

As well you might find the personality who has knowledge of accounts more than a Chartered Accountant. Many times when i go for the audit i found many Chartered Accountant dropout is earning more than a Chartered Accountant because of their knowledge & presentation skill.

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Many people need guidance for the Chartered Accountant course. Many student need support from their parents, their siblings etc. Note that never expect anything from anyone whether he is your relative. If you want to do anything then do it on your own.

Getting depressed in the way to becoming Chartered Accountant is very obvious but get over from it is very important. Sometimes it makes some personality very strong & responsible. Get over from the depression & focus on your study. 

Sometimes when  you did any mistake & caught by any other personality or your senior you just started blaming to others or stated giving excuses. In place of doing this just accept your mistake & learn from them just follow the same procedure to clear the CA exam. Don’t blame the ICAI or teachers for your failure but accept & correct it.

If  you are doing CA in force of any person than i seriously recommend you not to do it because you will not get anything in return. Just forgot about anyone & do the thing that you want to do. 

Your life is very valuable, you need to enjoy it & fulfill your needs. In the end i just wanna say CA is the part of life not your whole life. So protect  it from unnecessary depression or other problems. Don’t make it your life. Your life  can be exist even if you are not able to achieve your aim to becoming CA. 


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