Can money be considered a tool to measure HAPPINESS? 

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In today’s fast developing world, somewhere in coping with the rest of the world we have lost our values ,our ethics and ofcourse our happiness.

We live in a materialistic world and so we often relate happiness to money; but it is very difficult to give the perfect definition of happiness. It totally depends upon ourselves and how we percieve it.

Different people possess different perspectives of happiness. Some would say that money gives us the power to buy all kinds of luxurious things while others would disagree and say money cannot provide us joy. Some people find happiness in spending time with their loved ones while some feel happy when they donate money to the homeless people.

Having enough  amount of money in your bank account allows you to buy a bigger house, a new car,go shopping or travel all over around the globe. But can a new house, shopping or non-stop traveling over the world bring you the true, eternal joy?

It is not wrong to say that money provides us the basic necessities of life and it brings some kind of comfort but if we talk about being happy then you cannot be happy in your life if you are not satisfied. Attaching happiness to objects diminishes the element of having a fulfilling life.Happiness is mostly about the experiences one has in their lives than the objects they have bought.

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Money cannot buy you the emotions that we get from love and affection. Friends and family can bring joy to your life which money cannot.

Money cannot teach you how to deal with the realities of life. Yes, you can use money to get good education but it cannot teach you perfection and make you successful.

Money is a tool to improve the quality of life but it cannot be the end goal or the ultimate source of happiness. The most valuable things on this Earth cannot be bought with money but have to be earned. 


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