Happiness, comfort, safety, love can be synonymous with home. These are the expressions and gestures that are displayed on encountering the word home.

All homes are houses but not all houses are home. Houses are simply brick walled buildings. People living in the house constitute home. It is the love and care of mom, the scolding’s from papa, the adorable cute fights of siblings, the tales from grandparents, the surprises from uncle and aunt and the box of happiness that comes along as a bonus.

Home is one place in the entire universe that is ours. After all the day’s hard work the resort for relaxation is home. Be it the most luxurious house, as Antilia or the slum house of a beggar, the feeling and comfort remain the same.

For some, there is one place to be called as a home for some more than one and for others none. For students who have to travel to different cities, for them, their new hostel becomes their new home. Sometimes they feel homesick and sometimes a free-bird. Does one get all the facilities, all the luxuries, and all the comforts after becoming a bird with no restrictions?

Girls get married and leave her parents home, the place where she had spent her entire childhood, leaving behind all the memories. She enters into a new phase of her life and a new home. It is said for a girl that her husband home is her home. What is the name for the place where she had lived earlier before getting married? Was it not home?

It is said that people change home. Is the home or house?

There are nomads who do not live in a particular place and move from place to place with their groups. With changing places changes home.

At one time or the other one has changed his or her house and converted it into a new home. With changing home, changes lifestyle changes neighbourhood.

It is not only the humans who change their homes but there are animals and birds that are subjected to the same. Birds migrate from country to country upon the availability of favourable weather conditions and food. It is not always the internal factors that cause one to change home but also the external factors.

Humans are vulnerable at the hands of change. Wherever we go we need to adjust ourselves. Address changes, house changes, decors change but a home which is not just a place rather a feel remains constant. Home is a drop of joy in the vast ocean of selfishness. There is no place like home. 


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