Cleanliness of the Mind

Noble deeds are a result of a clean mind. Having a clean mind means keeping away thoughts that may harm others as well as us, and filling our mind with positive thoughts.

Thoughts of jealousy, envy, anger or revenge, thoughts that judge others, lower our self-esteem, lower our self-confidence etc., are negative or unclean. Sympathy, acceptance of ourselves and others, happy and loving thoughts, are all examples of positive thoughts.

Cleanliness of the mind is a must if we want to be healthy and develop noble qualities. It is wrong to think of a person as bad, selfish or proud by merely looking at him. We should not judge others because this can create a feeling of hatred and enmity. We should not think of harming others. Bad thoughts lead to bad actions. When we think of harming others, we may also end up harming ourselves.

There was once a terrorist. As he was afraid of the police he never told anyone, not even his family members, of all that he used to do. His leaders asked him to be ready to bomb a certain government office. They gave him some hand grenades and a large bomb. He hid them away under a lot of other things that were stored in the garage of his house. He was waiting for the day when he would have to use them.

One day his son was playing hide and seek with his friends. During the game he went to hide himself in the corner of the garage. There he found the hand grenades. He did not know what they were. He picked up a few of them and went to show them to his friends. While trying to understand what they were, one of them pulled the pin. The grenades exploded in his hands, killing him and two of his companions.

When the news reached the terrorist, he ran back home. It was already too late. His son was dead. In the depth of despair he cried out, “I WANTED TO KILL SOME OTHERS. I HAVE ENDED KILLING UP MY OWN SON. GOD HAS PUNISHED ME FOR MY SINS!”

If you think of doing something but you have the feeling that it is wrong, then the thought of doing it from your mind. It is wrong to use bad language when others do us harm. Instead, we if ignore their actions and do not think of taking revenge on them. Thoughts of revenge will only disturb our peace of mind and make us sad. We must try to remove all jealous and envious thoughts and learn how to be happy for others.

We do many things well. We may talk to people a lot about our successes, but generally we think secretly much more about our failures than about our successes. Our thoughts prevent us from doing all we can do.

Our thoughts may prevent us from doing something good. Sometimes we feel shy. We think we cannot do something that our parents or teachers ask us to do. We are afraid we will make mistakes and our companions will laugh at us. These are negative thoughts that will never allow us to grow. We must think that we are capable. People love us because we are worth living. These are positive thoughts that should fill our mind if we are to live successfully.



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