Complete workout for shredded back

Building up the back of your dreams is more beneficial than letting it go on. Once you will keep going then your back posture will be improved. Back is very important part of the body as it allows us to lift weights especially from the upper body and is the strength of the overall body. Therefore many back exercises aims your arms while pulling and rowing, it focuses the arms and is a benefit too.

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The back is not only one biggest part of the body but is very sensitive as it contains various muscle groups divided into four parts – The upper and outer lats, lower lats, middle back and lower back.

1. Pull-ups 

Pull ups is the foremost upper body exercise for back. It is a mass and strength building exercise as people struggle to perform this exercise. With the help of pull ups the back, shoulder, and arms muscles are pumped. Therefore is very easy exercise and can be done without a gym.

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2. Lat pulldown

Lat pulldown is a great muscle building exercise for your upper body and lats as it allows you to build strength and size of your back. There are various grips like wide, narrow, and underhand grip in which various parts of the back are trained according to the grip. This exercise also improves the lower back stability and the core.

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3. T-bar row

T-bar is a multi joint exercise which strengthens the upper back and shoulders. The muscles include lats, teres major and little lat. This exercise helps you to build thick and dense back muscles. Also the lower back is targeted in this exercise.

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4. Bent over

Bent over is a best exercise for back as it works on many muscles of the back. It strengthens the spine stability, improves the posture and reduces the risk of lower back injuries. Also it targets upper back muscles, middle and lower traps, and stabilizes the back of your shoulder muscles.

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5. Seated row

Seated row mainly targets the trapezius muscles as it is one of the best exercise for back muscles. Primarily the muscles like rhomboid, teres major, rear delt, etc.. are trained, and secondary the biceps are trained. Therefore it is a compound exercise which works on more muscles of the upper body.

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6. Single arm dumbbell row

Single arm dumbbell row allows you to train the upper and middle part of the back. It strengthens your chest, triceps, lats, and mainly the wings. You can perform it on a bench and or without bench with a dumbbell. Also it pumps up your biceps and the lower back coordinance.

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7. Deadlift

Deadlift is the one of the big four exercises, it is a major exercise which targets and strengthens your upper and the lower back. It corrects your back posture and burns fat, also it develops and strengthens your core of the back. It has increased chances of injury so it is mandatory to do it in correct form with correct posture.

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8. Extension

 Lower back extension erects your spine and small muscles of the back. It reduces the lower back injury which is caused due to lifting extra weight. This exercise is also called hyper extension which is done after the deadlift to strengthen the lower back and the spine which improves the back posture.

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