Have confidence and try one more time

In this world, the people who become successful have one thing in common. That common thing is confidence. A research has been conducted in the University of USA. They asked 100 students what their weaknesses are. 75% students say that they lack confidence. It was found that the people who are confident will achieve their life goals pretty early than the people who lack confidence.

Stephen Hawking has written many award-winning books and has also contributed to various theories in the world such as black hole radiation and many more in spite of the fact that he was paralyzed. Henry Ford failed in 5 businesses before starting Ford Motors. He was very poor. All his friends, family members, and financial advisors advised him to not take such a high-risk. He worked hard, and most importantly he believed in himself that one day he will be successful and finally he gave the world the first V8 engine. Henry Ford once said that “Whether you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right”. It was only his confidence that made him so successful. Just think that if he gave up after failing 5 times, would he have succeeded in creating a billion-dollar company?

Just like these people, you too have to believe in yourself because if you don’t how will someone else believe in you? Believing in yourself gives you the strength to get up no matter how many times you fall down. So, just have confidence in yourself and always try one more time before quitting. You never know which thing will work or which thing will not. So the only thing you can do is have confidence in yourself and keep trying.

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