Content Guidlines

Title: Title is the USP of your story. The title should be meaningful and interesting. Don’t forget to include main keywords. The first letter of the words in the title should be uppercase.


Thumbnail: Make sure that the thumbnail is the best among all the pictures in your blog and it must be clickable and it must be customized.

If needed, make a collage using two or three images. You can use tools like to make a collage. Don’t use images that include any logo or watermark and any adult/sexual images are not allowed.


SEO: You must add high-value keywords in the title, description, captions and in your content. You must interlink other MotivationPedia stories in between the description wherever possible.

For more detail about SEO; watch the videos on this link


Tags: Mention at least 5 proper keywords related to your story in this section.


Category: Choose a proper category according to the theme of your story. Don’t select more than 2 categories.

Don’t use nude or seminude images and images that provoke violence. Avoid using images that include any logo. Always use copyrighted free images. Also, you have to set every image’s SEO.

Rename your image to your article’s title.

These are some of the best websites to download copyrighted free images.



Some more websites 


Videos: If your story demands a video, add YouTube or Facebook video’s URL in ‘’add video’’ section.


Plagiarism: Your blog mustn’t have more than 10% Plagiarism.


SEO Score: Your blog SEO score must be 90. Click here to check your blogging score.


Quotes: Add relevant quotes and stats in the article.


Before writing a blog you must do R&D for your content. 

Keep in mind your content must be the king. If your content is king and people likes your blogs then you can earn the limitless amount of money.