Deeper the mehendi, deeper will be the love between the couples

Indian marriages are famous all over the world for their colourful rituals and customs that make them even more interesting, enjoyable for the couple as well as for the audience. There are numerous pre and post wedding functions and one such function is mehendi function. The term mehendi has been derived from the Sanskrit word mehendi and it is followed from the bride’s family. The mehendi ceremony is one of the fun-filled wedding functions in India and also has a traditional significance to it. Mehendi is put on the hands and feet of the Indian bride by a family member or mehendi expert and other ladies in the house also put mehendi on their hands. This ceremony is all about patience, after the mehendi is applied, at least keep it for hours so that the mehandi can retain its original colour. In the groom’s family, little mehendi is applied on the groom’s hand, which is the symbol of happiness. Bridal mehendi during wedding is just not a simple paste of mehendi and water, but the solution, eucalyptus oil, clove oil and few drops of lemon is also added.

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Some of the popular beliefs that relate to this rituals are as follows:

*Darker the colour of the bride’s mehendi, deeper the husband’s love for his bride.

*The henna colour also symbolizes the love and the bond between the bride and her mother in law.

*The longer the colour of the mehendi retains, the more promising their relation would be.

*Mehendi also symbolizes the illustration of fertility.

Mehendi can be applied with different designs combined with the sequence of sparkle borders that looks even more beautiful on the bride’s hands. Nowadays, mehendi designs with their unique patterns are highly recommended and bride’s popular choice is Arabic design. The bride’s mehendi also includes hidden alphabets of the groom’s name, while in some parts of south India it is a well- known saying that if a groom fails to find his name on the bride’s hand, then the bride will be dominating all their lives.

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According to different cultures, mehendi can be divided into different types. Most famous mehendi designs are Indian, Arabian and Pakistani. Designs from these can easily be categorized. Mehendi is something that every girl has born up with, no Indian celebration will end without mehendi. The tradition of applying beautiful mehendi is must for every Indian occasion. For Karva Chaut, Eid, Teej and weddings, the joy is reflected in the bold fragrance, rich design and deep colour of mehendi on the hand and feet of ours.

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Here are some easy and simples steps to get the dark colour of your mehendi

1. Lemon sugar solution: Get the mehendi applied on your hands or legs. Let the mehendi dry up a bit. Mix lemon juice and 1 tsp of suger in a blow and then let the sugar dissolve in the lemon juice. Apply this mixture on your hands and legs with the help of a cotton bud.

This lemon and sugar gives best result and there are no side effects. Approximately after 3 hours, your mehendi will dry, then you can remove it by lightly rubbing it with both your hands. Do not use water to remove it.

2. Mustard oil: If you do not want to use the previous mixture then you can use mustard oil. Apply mustard oil on your mehendi and leave it for 8 hours. After 8 hours your mehendi colour will change darker.

3. Mehendi oil: Apply mehendi oil before you apply mehendi on your hands and legs. This oil somehow works to get the darker colour but I am not sure about what it contains and how safe it is to your skin.

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