Our current education system is present only to check the memory level of children and not their intelligence. How can one be successful in life if he/she does not get the right direction in life? The teachers in schools are supposed to be mentors for their students, rather in most of the schools whether public or private, teachers are not even able to connect with students. Students do not even have a GOAL in life, then how they can we expect them to be successful.


Now a days there is only the burden of books, instead of meaningful and in-depth studies. Schools insist on too much homework which is meaningless because it makes the students booksworms and often they have to take the help of parents, siblings, or private tutors who generally charge a handsome amount. Learning without wisdom is similar to keeping a load of books on a donkey’s back.

Schools avoid moral science classes or if they don’t, they only have it once a week for an hour, as a formality. Generally schools and colleges do not focus on moral classes as they are more focused on marks. They don’t understand that the core of a student is his moral values. Today’s generation is lacking in moral values, and that’s why they are increasingly addicted to drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and pornography.




Current education system is only creating job seekers not entrepreneurs’. OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM SAYS: study for 12 years, 18 hours a day, mug up the text books. After following this path, a student scores a good grade, enters a good college, and after that the same process of mugging up repeats itself for another 4 years 20 hours a day. Why? for a good job, that will bring you money. Then again, doing the same work every day from 9 to 7 for your employer, all this makes life such a bore.

Now it’s time to change the system.

Robert Kiyosaki (the author of RICH DAD POOR DAD) thinks our education system is a bust:-

The whole world has changed. We have now moved from the industrial age to the information age but our education system is still 50 years behind. Our children have no financial education. That’s why they are struggling with debt.

So maybe it is high time to change both the system as a whole nation and ourselves as a student.



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