Disadvantages Of Junk Foods:

We know that everyone loves to eat outside food but we should always eat in a proper way. These foods have more taste then normal food but eating them daily can be injurious for our health. Here are some junk foods that you should avoid. 

1. SUGAR: 

Processed foods are also generally high in sugars, which can make them very high in calories.

2. SALT: 

Salt (or sodium) is used as a preservative in foods and can increase blood pressure and cause bloating.


Processed foods are not known for their healthfulness and many are bereft of vitamins.


One of major contributing factors for the emerging diabetes epidemic is unhealthy diet full of junk and fast food. When you eat a healthy diet, your body gets a steady supply of glucose, which helps maintain insulin sensitivity. On the other hand, when you eat only junk food, the excessive stress exerted on your metabolism affects the ability of your body to use insulin properly.


The oil soaked in junk food gets deposited on the walls of the stomach lining, increases acid production. Spices loaded in them irritate the stomach lining, worsening GERD and digestion. Lack of fibre in them hampers digestion, increasing problems like constipation and haemorrhoids.


The director of Gold’s Gym, says the consumption of junk foods is one of the main causes of premature aging because your dermis is not properly oxygenated by the saturation of fats and artificial flavors.


The Scripps Research Institute in Florida found that consuming junk foods in large quantities stimulates the “pleasure center of the brain,” resulting in compulsive behaviors and brain effects such as those caused by drug use.


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