Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable, and remove yourself from the unacceptable.

What was the first thing came to your mind when this title flashed against your eyes? You all found it interesting? Read it further to know more!

As the title says, “Do I need a change or he loves me the way I am?” Do you really need a change so as to be loved by others? Ask yourself!

Be who you are and the right person would get along. Do not try to change yourself even if that person wants you to, he/she could either hate or love you but will stay forever if its the destiny . Oftentimes, people think to change themselves for the sake of their relations with other fellow beings, but if somebody truly loves you he/she would never ask you to change because love is all about loving someone for who they are instead, not loving them for what they will be just by accepting their flaws and imperfections. One could never ask for a change if he/she truly loves their partner because loving someone after a change is not less than a compromise.

Today’s modern era teaches us so much. We just need to observe those things going around.They want others to change but are never ready to change themselves if it’s affecting their relationship.

But, blessed are those who have got someone who loves them the way they are without asking for a change, and that too, unconditional love❤ ( I’m among them?) by attaching the strings just the way its meant to be and building a perfect bond as the time passes.

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Be with someone who makes you happy, who makes you feel that you’re perfectly fine the way you are.

You should never, I repeat , You should never apologize for who you are and be proud of your triumphs. You’re beautiful in your own way, cause god made no mistake in crafting every individual. You’re on the right track cause baby you’re born this way!

Be thankful to him who makes you feel perfect and beautiful in every way! No one is perfect In this chaotic world, we just need a person to make our world perfect and worth living – WITHOUT ASKING FOR A CHANGE! Find someone who loves you, without restrictions, trusts you without fear, wants you without demand and accepts you for who you are!

Be in love with her dark sides, her changing tides, her bedroom eyes and the way she makes you look as you’re everything for her she seeks within you!!!

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For all the boys out there who ask her for a change…

“You must LEARN her , You must know the reason why she’s silent , You must Trace her weakness spots , You must know how long it takes for her to give up , You must love her because many have tried and failed!”

“And she wants to know she’s Worthy to be loved , that she’s worthy to be kept and this is how you keep her”


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