Do you know about these 3 miraculous yoga poses 

I am sure you all know about yoga and it’s benefits but still we don’t have time to practice yoga (exceptionals are always there). As we all know that yoga originated in india. The origins of yoga have been speculated to date back to pre-Vedic Indian traditions; it is mentioned in the Rigveda, but most likely developed around the sixth and fifth centuries BCE. Yoga is very beneficial if we practice daily it can increase our life span and also reduces the risk of developing diseases in our body. Here are 5 miraculous yoga poses and there benefits . It will only show its magic when you will practice them daily otherwise its of no use

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This yoga pose is my personal favourite because it’s not just easy to practice but it is also very beneficial for our body as well . Anulom vilom cures blood pressure and diabetes . Improves concentration, patience and creativity . It also increases oxygen supply throughout the body . Though the list of benefits of anulom vilom is endless still i would like to tell you that it has the healing power to cure many serious health problems. It improves heart health it has the power to cure asthma , depression,  migraine  ( which is very common these days) high blood pressure ,arthritis . It is also known as “alternate nostril breathing technique” It is considered as the best technique to handle stress, anxiety, and other mental pressures. It relieves from every tension. Now to practice it what you have to do is sit down on a clean yoga mat and sit in padmasana 

Initially, choose calm and peace area to do perfect yoga with good concentration levels.

First, Keep a yoga mat or blanket or something on the floor and sit in padmasana on it.

Now, close your eyes, keep your back straight and put your hands on knees.

Then, close your right nostril with right thumb and start inhaling slowly and take breath as much as possible.

This allows your lungs to fill with air.

Slowly, remove your thumb from right nostril and exhale from right nostril only.

While exhaling with right nostril close your left nostril with the middle finger to ease the process.

You can even change the hands and do in the same process as vice versa.

Repeat this process at least 5 minutes and gradually increase the timings as you become expertise.

Do not over think or focus on external world, focus on your concentration and breathing which improves your concentration levels too. You can watch this video as well to learn the proper way of doing this 

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2nd one is ardha matsyendrasana . You may find is difficult to say this but this is not at all difficult to practice. It is also known as ‘half lord of the fish pose ‘ or ‘ half spinal twist pose . It is really very important for us to start practicing this in our early ages because 

* it increasesour spinal flexibility 

* improve the functioning of the spinal cord

* relieves back pain and stiffness 

* usefull for slip disc 

*  massages the abdominal organs and increase the digestive juices for making it usefull for loss of appetite and constipation 

* increase the oxygen supply to the lungs

* Useful for diabetics,  with concentration on pancreas

Etc .etc. the list is really long but i think this much benefits is enough to open your eyes. Now you can see how important it is for us. Here is the video to teach you how to do it.

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The next one is adho mukha shvanasana. It is also known as ‘downward facing dog pose ‘ . This one is the most popular yoga pose . And it has many benefits too .

* it strengthens our bones. Practicing this pose will make your upper body strong and this will in turn help manage or prevent osteoporosis.

* Improves blood flow to the brain . You are in an inverted V position, which means your heart is above your head. This will improve blood flow to your head. This will enhance your focus and energy. Daily practice of this yoga asana will give your relief from tension in the neck and will charge you up.

* it will improves our body structure. you can improve the slumpy posture by practicing Adho Mukha Svanasana. The asana will open your shoulders and will lengthen your spine.

Stretches your back. The downward facing dog pose will stretch your back and help ease back pain. The stretching of the spine will improve oxygen supply to different parts of the body.  Here is the video to guide you how to do it correctly. 


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