Is “emotion-less” relationship a stressful one?

To the trending hookup culture- the “Friends with benefits” is the new kind of ‘relationship’ they say. Following the western practices this “FWB” has become recently a common one. It makes you feel weird at times but also to feel accepting. Some may select this kind of ‘commitment’ in order to have a partner but not to have an “emotional commitment”. May be it is something supernatural to be emotions-free for both men and women involved in it as humans are ought to be subjected to enter into emotions. Guys prefer to have a casual sex session with their FWB partner and still remain as friends without getting involved with their partner’s personal life.

Social taboos prevailing against FWB:

India is a country of tradition and culture as we all know. And our country is the most populated country in the world too. Yet people stare at you if you utter the word “sex” in public. There are people who search for notes in google and also search “videos” in incognito tab. Some may even tell “Dude I’m from a good family, I won’t talk about those stuffs! “ But dude, you have a family only because of “That” stuff. Okay, coming back to the hook up culture, our society never welcomes these kinds of behaviours. Being ready to discourage whatever young generation do, this is definitely a taboo according to them.

Is it really possible?

Sex is something holy and divine that is to be performed with a partner you completely want to be with them throughout your life. It is an act of soul more than your body. Emotions on both the male and female side cannot be helped to put a brake. But if emotions arise from both the sides, its well and good to care for your partner with whom you really enjoyed and felt comfortable in being intimate. If the two just enjoy the moment and ready to continue the same as friends or even to depart as strangers, it is very much fine. But the worst case is that if one enjoys and the other “really cares” about their partner, it is really going to be the worst heart break than a break up in an “emotional committed relationship “.

In a real relationship, as emotions are involved since the beginning, it may cause stress on both the sides of the partners. They finally come to the end of the relationship only with a mutual heart break. Whereas in the FWB situation, one uses the other and the other completely gets used to “being used”.

But according to the current scenario, the FWB couples are mostly found to be involved in such sort of stuff not for satisfying their “LUST” but for a compensation as the entire “HEART-BROKEN” community had tend to involve in such sort of emotion-less relationship, since they got to know enough of fake promises and torturing period of relationship. Yet anything maintained within a limit is really appreciable. Especially girls without getting trapped of emotions for a wrong partner.

The FWB stuff may be a degrade to your own self-respect unless you keep that as just a secretive one with your trustworthy friend.

Be with a right, comforting person and never take this stuff to your heart but play it smart until you find your own FWB partner as a perfect one for your life rather than your bed!

How to get out of the depression:

Totally diverting away from the person who had been so good for you in giving you physical pleasure is impossible. But as prevention is better than cure there are few steps that you can follow in order to not getting involved with emotions. First stop stalking or lurking your FWB’s social media accounts. You cannot take rights on them because you have not agreed to be in a forever kind of relationship. Incase if you find them uploading pictures with other friends, avoid getting jealous. Better you hang out with your friends too, instead of fully being into them. Only if you take care not to fall for them in the initial stage, you can get out of this.

Can your FWB partner take a role as your life partner?

The answer is definitely going to be “YES”. Imagine the person whom you know completely and the more flaws about them rather than what they are good at, you can very well be able to analyze them and handle them. But the major drawback is that “mistrust”. You might get a question “What if she/he has been with others too?” But know one thing as there were no emotions involved you might get a chance to know about them very well rather than any others because this is a “open relationship “ I’m which you share very secrets with each other and be cool friends too. So why don’t you be ready to take your future with a person with whom you have enjoyed the most and also known very well?

Last but not the least, it all depends upon your guts and feelings to enter into such a challenging thing which our society totally disagrees with and also by cheating our own emotions. See that your emotions don’t get hurt and you yourself put you in a non-relievable situation.


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