Its a question of concern that is morality affected by society or not??  A dilemma isn’t it…  Then lets figure it out!!!!! 

Morals are the rules that govern which actions are right and which are wrong. A morals can be for all of society or an individual’s beliefs. Sometimes a moral can be gleaned from a story or experience.

Here are some examples of morals in society:

  • Do not gossip -Tell the truth -Do not vandalize property
  • -Have courage -Keep your promises -Do not cheat
  • -Treat others as you want to be treated
  • -Be trustworthy -Do not judge -Be dependable
  • -Respect others -Be forgiving -Keep your self control
  • -Have integrity -Be accountable and take responsibility
  • -Have patience -Be loyal -Have respect for yourself
  • -Be tolerant of differences -Seek justice
  • -Have humility -Serve mankind -Be generous
  • -Have empathy. -Add value to the world.
  • -Have fidelity. – Be open-minded. – etc. etc.

 In my opinion, I think society has more of an impact on morality than much other things. I think that the way a person acts is dependent on the environment they were raised in and what is acceptable in their society. I think that there is no objective right and wrong and that it all depends on the culture and society that you were raised in.

 One thing that might be considered immoral or wrong in one culture could be valued and respected in another. Because of this, I feel that there is no objective right and wrong

You can’t tell someone that their values and how they were raised is wrong. In our minds, we think that our way of life and what we think is considered the right way. It’s just the way we were raised and how we thought… So morality is affected in some or the other way by our society and cultural environment…

With increasing frequency, activities in our society raise the question of what sort of morality is guiding our people. Killing without apparent remorse and a tendency to  dehumanize each other are only two of the most obvious symptoms.

This is partly due to the fact that our Guyanese society is diverse, a combination of various cultures and traditions: it is heterogeneous in composition. Dynamic and changing, it is pluralistic in many ways. It has always been to some extent, morally pluralistic, and unfortunately this pluralism appears to be widening.

Socrates taught that true felicity is not to be derived from external possessions, but from wisdom, which consists in the knowledge and practice of virtue… ~ William Enfield

We can distinguish four levels of moral pluralism: radical moral pluralism, the pluralism of moral principles, the pluralism of moral practices, and the pluralism of self-realization. Radical moral pluralism describes that state of affairs in which people hold mutually irreconcilable views about morality, such as what the terms right and wrong mean, and which actions are right and wrong


Here are some examples of morals in society:

  1. Do not gossip.
  2. Tell the truth.
  3. Do not vandalize property.
  4. Have courage.
  5. Do not have sex before marriage.
  6. Keep your promises.
  7. Do not cheat.
  8. Treat others as you want to be treated.. 

All these morals are taught to us in our primary school education and are part of our societal values… But are these morals enough… By learning them we become an ideal person… REALLY???? 

By just learning what are the morals we have to follow according to our society is actually not enough… We have to be ethical and moreover be honest while obeying these morals and ethics then we will become an example of a human being even not an ideal one but a TRUE SOUL…. 

So its true that society do affects morality in its some or the other sense but what is necessary is to follow the moral values which are beneficial in modifying us to be a true soul not a societal puppet… 


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