If you can,you can – provided

Your efforts continue, only then

Dawn of victory will continue,

Sweating will write down your address.

Failure is not a opposite to the success, it is the part of the success. Everyone’s desire is to achieve the success in their life, but many of them are dejected by seeing failure in their two or three attempts, they didn’t have a perseverance to pursue their dream. But there are some people, who didn’t consider their failure as a failure, rather they consider those failures as a stepping stone to success. Here are the inspiring success stories of some famous entrepreneurs which will surely be the startup stories of our lives.

“ If you are stumbled that you can’t

Your breath will be stopped

If you believe that you can

Then your brain will emit electricity for success “


The co-founder of text messaging app what’s app. He was born in poor family in the Ukraine and struggled a lot to survive in that soviet Era, so he escaped to the USA and studied there. He started to do small jobs, he even worked as a floor cleaner.He then worked in the yahoo network. Then later he founded the the WHATS APP text messaging app with large number of users that is 1.2billlion users.

In 2014 he sold the whats app to the Mark Zuckerberg for 19 billion US dollar. His spirit to achieve something in life has made him to work hard despite of many failures, and to achieve the success in his life.

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A man who is considered as pioneer of the digital innovation. He is the who created the global brand and had represented it. He brought a great turn over in the corporate history. He was born in very ordinary family in the California mountain view, and was adopted by poor family, his step father was a machinist. He was also a college drop out. He invented APPLE in the garage of his friend’s house. Then he started working on it heavily. Even when the Apple is bankrupted he took over it and made it a profitable company. When he was 25 years old his networth was 100 million US dollar. Even after his death his works and words inspired many younger generation . He has been a source of innovation of innovation for many younger generations. His words are

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intitution. They somehow know what you truly want to become “

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He was a communist Chinese and failed two times in the university examination. He struggled a lot to get a job. He even worked as a tourist guide and instead of getting money from foreigners he asked them to teach him English. He decided to start internet venture but his first two attempts ended in failure. And then he started his third internet venture ALIBABA with his 17 friends. In September 19 2014 its value was 150 billion US dollars and had a concrete place in the US stock exchange. His net worth was 25 billion us dollars. His inspirational words are

“Today is hard

Tomorrow will be worse

But the day after tomorrow will be sunshine “

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Larry Elison was born in ordinary Jewish immigrant family. He was a drop out of university of iilinoi and university of Chicago. In 1977, he started oracle database management company. CIA was its first client. This later went on the most popular database ever sold. In 2015 he resigned his CEO post, he was the highest paid CEO of USA on that time. His step father used to say Larry is useless but he later on proved that nobody is useless, they are usedless.

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“ Success is not final

Failure is not fatal

It is the courage to continue that counts”

– Winston churchill 

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So friends don’t ever give up, your dreams and goals. Believe in your dreams.,no matter how big your dream is but make a small step towards it. No one can be born as an achiever. Frequent efforts and endear or alone will make one an achiever and an adventurer. Efforts and continuous training will make an ordinary person a great achiever.

                                “Success at your reach”


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    “Failure is not a opposite to the success, it’s the part of the success……”

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